Tuesday, November 09, 2010

{TWD} Not just for Thanksgiving Shortbread Cake

Once upon a time in a land far away (California) there lived a girl who knew nothing of cranberries...well that is not exactly true..she knew of cranberries at Thanksgiving as a can of coagulated (blech, I despise that word in describing any kind of food stuff) gel stuff with ridges. Do not misunderstand, the girls mother was and is a fabulous cook but she could not remember a time where cranberries were served in anything.

One day the girl went to the giant conglomerate, Starbys, and got a cranberry orange scone. She was feeling adventurous that day and thought the extra sugar boost would be a nice start to the day. To her surprise she found she was in love with cranberries. 

Up until yesterday the girl had never purchased or cooked with cranberries. Since she is in a lovely baking group called Tuesdays with Dorie and it was on the list this week (chosen by Jessica of Singleton in the Kitchen) she decided to hunt down fresh cranberries and make the recipe for Not Just for Thanksgiving Shortbread Cake as close to the directions as possible. She discovered why her mother most likely never cooked with fresh cranberries..those things are dang expensive. She brought her cranberries (and tangerines, not navel oranges at her store) home and began the recipe. Everything came together beautifully. The crust was slightly crisp, the cranberries tart but not terribly so. They were sweet enough that even the girls cooked fruit hating daughter loved it. The girls husband said "eh" and her son who would live on sugar if allowed was not a big fan.

The girl however, loved it and ate two pieces before bed and gave herself a terrible case of heartburn. She sent pieces off to her children's teachers today so they could (hopefully) enjoy the deliciousness of this sweet easy little cake. The end.


  1. Nice post and this cake is just awesome looking, great color and I bet taste too

  2. I should have read this before going to sleep. You told a delightful story.

    You, also, made me realize, my Mom never did anything with cranberries either, other than opening a can.

    For years, I did not do anything with them either and then this gal, did what you did and discovered cranberries.

    It was good eating. Yours looks great and the plate is perfect for it.

  3. Oh, I love stories with a happy ending. So glad you liked it, yours looks perfect!

  4. What a cute story, and your cake looks fantastic too! We only had cranberries at Thanksgiving and Christmas and that was it. They were fresh, but still not a favourite of mine.

  5. Love a good story! I had this for breakfast because it is full of fruit. Have a happy day.

  6. great presentation, and looks yummy! This was a huge hit with us - I crumbled the top layer over the filling instead of rolling it. LOVED THIS! Tia @ Buttercreambarbie

  7. Could I have a slice?...very large...pls!
    thank you

  8. Coagulated gel. Perfect description.

    LOVE your story. And this cake. Definitely will be in this kitchen again.

    Love your plate too.

  9. What an adorable post! I just loved reading the story; I'm a sucker for once upon a time. I'm glad you enjoyed this cake (and very sorry that cranberries are so pricey where you live -- boooo!). I used a tangerine, too. Thanks for baking along with me this week!

  10. That's so nice they all loved it! I loved the crust but will try a different filling next time! Im thinking apples and caramel with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top!
    Happy Baking and thanks for thinking Im not a nerd..lol:)

  11. I love love love your new page with all the bright colorful photos! YAY I love the color of the cranberries too! I too grew up with the "step child" can of coagulated cranberry salad on the holiday table. I grew up in Oklahoma. hmmmm Must be a time warp. he he
    Lovely story and I know "the teachers" are your new best friends.

  12. Great story! I love your dish and the slice looks fabulous.

  13. I don't remember cranberries other than out of a can either...is it a California girl thing? Anyway, your cake looks great!