Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010 Part 2

One thing I am incredibly thankful for is friends. New and old and friends that I am just getting to know better. We have known Andrew and Vanessa for about 7 years. Andrew was in Salient and that is how we met.

The guys were playing Wednesday night worship at a church in Brentwood and we came with them one time. I remember her asking me that night if we were planning on having more children to which I replied "I am sure we will but I don't know when". Which was a lie. I was actually pregnant with Little Man but we hadn't told anyone yet. Way to start off a friendship huh? :) Anyway, even though Andrew is no longer in Salient we have still maintained contact through the years. She is one of my friends that I am thankful for that I am getting to know better. While she was here she gave me a funny idea for a blog post that will be showing up in a few days.

Before dinner started my children, oh so eloquently, sang happy birthday to the turkey in opera style. I was in the kitchen but Vanessa caught some fun pictures of them singing. Once dinner was over and the kids had had their fill of playing upstairs they came down and took over the entertainment. I may have mentioned before that every time we get in the car the kids request the Wicked soundtrack. They pretty much know the entire thing by heart. Here they are singing Defying gets slightly more intelligible around the 50 second mark (filming from my droid does not give the best quality): 

Somehow I managed not to get any photos of Andrew and Vanessas cute girl (Vanessa explained she had already used up her quota of photos for the day) but I did get this fun one of my Little Man tackling Vanessa. Ah. tackle football in the living room. Fun times! :)

We are thankful for friends and good entertainment. ;)

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