Monday, November 22, 2010

Exercise is my Nemesis

Apparently I have to do more than exercise (or more exercise) to lose weight. Obviously I like to bake and cook and need to hand off more of the treats too! 
I joined a 100 mile challenge a couple of months ago. The goal was to walk/run 100 miles in 8 weeks. I missed it by about 20 miles but, I was walking 14-17 miles a week. I may not have met the challenge but I got into some good habits.

I am still walking around 10 miles a week. I am trying to drink more water and not eat anything after 8PM. 
Today I didn't get to go walk so I decided I would do Wii Fit Plus to get in some exercise. I am fairly certain I pulled a muscle in my calf. What exercise you ask? Running.... Only I can injure myself doing a virtual exercise.  :)

I need to pick my kids up from school and teach tonight. It will be interesting driving my manual transmission car to go do those two things. Hopefully it will heal really quickly so I can get back out and walk in the mornings. 

Boo on injuries!


  1. Karen, you're doing great on your exercise program. I'm proud of you. Now if I would just let it inspire me to exercise.

  2. Very impressive! I need to run like 5 miles a night to keep up with my calories! eeeek