Saturday, November 20, 2010

Being Mom is Hard

It is one of those days when I really want to pull my hair out.
We had a quiet morning making brioche dough, Munchkin went with Hubs to a Lowes Build and Grow clinic and we spent the afternoon at the zoo.
When we got home I went upstairs and discovered kids clothing piled in the hallway. I called both kids up but only Munchkin heard me. She ran up (obediently) and I said "I want the two of you to take all of these dirty clothes to the basement". The response was whining and crying about how her legs hurt and it wasn't fair that she had to do it all by herself. I stopped her and said "That is not what I said, Little Man needs to help, I called both of you up and said The Two of You". More screaming about not wanting to take the clothes downstairs.
I told her to sit down on the step in the bathroom. She was on timeout until I said otherwise (you might think at this point I would start taking things away however she is already grounded from TV, Wii and Computer for the weekend after I let them stay up late watching a movie last night and she had a temper tantrum because I said she had to go to bed).
She kept throwing her body around and wouldn't quit touching stuff. So I told her to go stand in the corner and she screamed at me and sat in the corner. Hubs came up and took it from there. He is very good at reminding her that Jesus does not want her to act that way. We do not spank our children often (and only in cases of willful disobedience) but this called for a couple of swats on the butt. He told her to stay in her room until she had a better attitude and to come out when she was ready to apologize.

Not too much later she shoved a note under her door for her brother to give to me that said "I need a lock on my door, on the inside too!" Hubs and I just put a lock on the inside of our door...well you don't really need to know the reason for that, right? I just wrote "So not happening!" 
She eventually came down a few minutes ago to apologize through gritted teeth. I told her it hurts my feelings when she acts like that and even though I love her she has to be respectful. She cannot think she is entitled to anything and everything and to have a screaming fit when I tell her to do something, especially after we have spent the day having a good time. So, I told her if she has a good attitude the rest of the day that will be a good thing but she is treading on thin ice so if she has a bad attitude she will have to spend the rest of the night in her room AND I will take all of her books away. I don't think she cares so much about the Wii and the TV or even the computer but she LOVES to read.
Since I started this post, Munchkin has given a good apology (I do believe in apologizing to your child if you are in the wrong but this is not the case. Willful disobedience to a reasonable request with a terrible attitude is not OK), given a few minutes of cuddle time, has checked her room for more dirty clothes and has unloaded the dishwasher.
Maybe the rest of the evening will be OK. I love my kids so much but some days being Mom is hard.


  1. Yes Karen, some days being Mom is hard but you are doing a wonderful job and someday Munchkin will thank you for it. Maybe by the time she's 30 har har!

  2. Lisa G9:52 PM

    You are not alone, Karen. We have days like this too. You guys are doing a great job! Love you :)