Saturday, October 09, 2010

One Long Day

I have the song "One Short Day" stuck in my head from the musical Wicked. We have been listening to the soundtrack non stop because my sweet daughter LOVES it! It is better than Hannah Montana right? Anyway, it has not been a short day, it has been a very long day...good...but long.

Hubs is out over night in Arkansas with Salient so we started off with a very early alarm and kisses all around. Are we lame that we just let him kiss us good bye now instead of getting up and sending him off? If he was going to be gone longer than one night I would probably get up....

The kids, instead of sleeping until my alarm went off, got out of bed almost immediately...why don't they do that on school days....and found various noisy toys to play with? I got up about 5 minutes before my alarm as I wasn't sleeping anyway.

We had soccer games today so I told my kiddos I would take them to McD's for breakfast if they got ready quickly. Munchkin was complaining about her shoes hurting her feet. The child has 2 more practices and 2 more games for the season, I am not buying new cleats. She finally brought her shoes to me and I discovered she had been trying to out them on without untying them. Um, do I really have to explain why the cleats are too tight?

A happier attitude ensued once breakfast was in out bellies and we were on our way to the field. Munchkin played really well. No goals but she got a sticker for defense. She got in there a few times and got in some good kicks. She got hit in the stomach with the ball at one point but kept on going.

Little Man's game was really good too. He also got a few good kicks in but spent a lot of time pulling on his ears. I am not sure why, maybe since he got his haircut and can feel the wind on his ears he feels the need to pull on them...I don't know.

Once we finished playing soccer we were off to Ross, Bed Bath and Beyond and Hobby Lobby. I discovered as I was putting on my jeans this morning that there was a small hole in one spot there shouldn't be a hole in and that the rest of the seat was pretty close to threadbare. That alone was a purpose for our trip to Ross. I found a cute pair of Levis and paid $16 for them. Yea! Ross! I wanted to go to Bed, Beth and Beyond to look for curtains for my bathroom. The ones we have in there now have been there for 9 least. Yes, I have taken them down and washed them but it is time for something different. From Hobby Lobby I needed a couple of little decorative pumpkins. My friend Melissa (who is also a decorator}went to the pumpkin patch with her little guy the other day and I babysat her other little boy. As a thank you they brought me a gourd from the pumpkin patch. I knew just what to do with it:

Just after we finished at Hobby Lobby I remembered there was a fall fest in our neighborhood. We thought we would just drive by and see what was happening. They kids were so excited we got out and walked around to all of the booths. Sidenote: I have been eying a building in my neighborhood that I think would make an excellent location for a bakery. Apparently I am not the only one. There was a girl with a booth at the festival that makes cupcakes and has been eying the same building!! Honestly, she is probably closer to any kind of bakery business than I am..she had cards. We stayed there for a bit and finally came home...for 30 minutes and then left again for a birthday party that lasted two and a half hours.

We were not in the house ten minutes when our neighbor came over to ask if the kids could go over to his house to play. I gave them an hour (they came back right on time) and they got ready for bed. It has been one full, very fun day. Now I am exhausted and need to go grade papers. Wish me luck that I don't fall asleep on the couch! :)


  1. whew! that does sound like a long day!
    We can get you some business cards by tomorrow and then you'll be just as ready as the other girl to open a bakery. Can I design the interior?

  2. I would love to have you design the interior!! :)