Sunday, October 17, 2010


Do you remember this SNL sketch?

The other day I was driving through Hendersonville and saw this:

It made me giggle but then someone posted about it on Facebook. Turns out this Noon?is is a family owned and run restaurant. The chef is from the French Culinary Institute and we will go back for sure. Our drinks (coke products) were delivered to the table and Munchkin immediately said we had to go back. The owner was our server and joked around with the kids about whose drink was whose. 

Munchkin got a cold corn soup that she kind of liked. I warned her ahead of time that it was cold but she still wanted to get it. It wasn't her favorite but she still ate about half of it. Little Man got a cheeseburger with home fries. He loved it and it was big enough that he was full before he was done. I was debating between the Nooni's Tennessee Cobb Salad and the Baked Mac and Cheese and made up my mind when the owner said they were actually out  of the pulled pork for the salad. My dish was similar to what I make at home only it had bacon and panko bread crumbs on top.

Apparently, they have only been open for 8 days. The chef even came out to talk to us. :) I should have told him I am an accomplished french chef (hardy har har).

If you are in the area, go support a local business and check out Nooni?s.

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