Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday Morning Randomness

I am trying to get myself together today and not be so scattered. My kiddos were out of school last week for fall break and this morning was....not terrible in the getting them ready for school area. Of course we had big storms last night (not terrible in our area) of which the warnings kind of freaked my babies out and consequently made them stay up a bit late worrying. We put them in our room though in case we had any storms get worse overnight.

Last night we also introduced the weirdness of Pee Wee's Big Adventure to the kids. Our 8 year old screamed louder at Large Marge than at anything on the haunted hay ride at Haunting at the Hermitage. I almost feel like a bad parent for laughing but it was so funny!
Our little ghosts

Hauntings at the Hermitage was an adventure. There was a lot of people there and the lines were long. The haunted hay ride was worth it though. We have a membership this year so it was much less expensive than it would have been otherwise. I do think they should implement a fast pass system for members like at Disneyland. It would make it even more fun. The "ghosts" of Andrew and Rachel Jackson were out wandering the grounds. Munchkin laughed at them and Andrew leaned down and told her she wasn't supposed to laugh....
Andrew and Rachel Jackson

I am actually sitting at a Starbucks (which I never come to) because I need to grade papers and I figured I would get them done faster here than at home. Obviously that is working out well....

I need to bake an apple pie early today so I can actually take photos and get my post up for Tuesdays with Dorie by tomorrow. French Fridays with Dorie it Marie Helene's Apple Cake for Friday. I think I will make that one for my class on Thursday.

I <3 salted caramel hot chocolate. It is quite tasty. I also like cranberry orange scones. I should make some at home but I wonder if they would turn out too dry....

My hubby got to take Little Man to the Titans game yesterday. We acquired tickets at around 9:30 and started trying to find a babysitter. It was kind of difficult since everyone we know(and trust to watch our kids) was at church already (or moved to Georgia!). We tried to find a friend to go with my hubs but in the end he decided to take our little guy. I am glad he did because I am sure it will be a good memory for him.

While they did that Munchkin and I went shoe shopping. She got these awesome new shoes:

Munchkin's new shoes
And I remembered that I don't like shoe shopping....I mean sure, if money was not object and my feet were a dainty size and if we were shopping for me it might be different.....

It looks like I may be dressing up as a Spartan cheerleader for Halloween. That or an angel again...I guess we shall see. Maybe I will be a hippie...I don't know, it is still 6 days a way. I have time...right? The kids are going as Hermione Granger and Iron Man. I am thrilled with Munchkins costume. We bought a dress at Good Will for 7.50, got a tie for .75 and I bought felt for $1 for a scarf. Her wand is a stick from the yard that she and her daddy sanded and painted together. Not bad when the official Hermione costume is $45 plus accessories.... I did buy Little Man's Iron Man costume. It was $17. Not as good a deal but not terrible either. Both kids keep their costumes and play dress up in them.

OK, for real, I have to grade papers now....

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