I am in trouble!

If yesterday is any indication of what the tween and teen years are going to bring, I am in trouble. From the moment my daughter woke up she was a mess. She wouldn't get dressed, wouldn't brush her hair, wouldn't say a kind word to anyone.
I think she was a little worried about little brother and the fact that he was having blood drawn but wouldn't express that either. There also may have been a bit of jealousy because Little Man and I got to have breakfast together after the appointment at well. The attitude improved after school but like I said, if that is a glimpse of what is to come I am in trouble!


  1. I've had people tell me, when they hear we have four boys that they'd gladly trade me their teen/tween girl for one of my boys! I always wanted a girl, but hear just their screams alone are enough to send one through the roof. ;)


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