Thursday, October 14, 2010

{FFwD} Vietnamese Spicy Chicken Soup

When I think of chicken noodle soup I think a little salty homey tasting soup. When I saw this as one of our first recipes I was worried. I am the girl that looks at spicy food and gets heartburn. I have never bought dried chilies before or star anise or chow mein noodles. I was worried my kids would not eat this because it would be so spicy.

One of the items needed for the soup was cheesecloth so that several of the ingredients could be packaged and tossed in the pot with everything else. My local grocery store was out and the craft store wanted a lot of money for it. I finally found little pouches made out of cheesecloth at Bed, Bath and Beyond that were perfect for what I needed. I chopped, I minced (yum ginger!), I tossed ingredients into a pot and brought them to a boil.

The result...a little bland. Not bad in any way just not spicy like I thought it would be. My hubster thought our house smelled like Genghis Grill which made him want to eat the soup. He is not a soup guy but was happy to try this one. Once we added some hoison sauce the soup wasn't so bland. My daughter liked this well enough but didn't really want to take any for lunch the next day. My son wouldn't touch his soup with a 10 foot pole. I think he was feeling a little under the weather though.....and it was white and he tends to shy away from food that are white. Brown? Sure just nothing like potatoes or anything like that.

All in all a good recipe. If you would like to see how some of the other 900 cooks did with this recipe make sure to check out the Leave you Link and peruse their blog posts. You can also pick up Dorie's Around My French Table from Amazon and join the fun!


  1. I ended up using a clean tea towel for the spices, because I thought I had cheesecloth but didn't. Worked fine. Isn't it yummy soup? I ate three bowls. :-)

  2. looks wonderfully creamy, hearty, wholesome and yummy! great job.

  3. I loved your post..isn't it funny how some kids will eat only white foods or only orange foods...they are funny little people.

  4. Your soup looks great. I forgot to add hoisin sauce:(

  5. My son wouldn't eat it either, but the rest of us loved it! Yours looks delicious!

  6. We too dont like d spice in d soup so leaving dat out , it was delish!!
    I too have to order the cheese cloth online and muct look around for some!
    Ur soup is good!!
    YAYAYAY for FFwD!!

  7. Soup looks creamy and delicious.

    I so want to make this as soon as I find all the ingredients.