Saturday, September 18, 2010


I will just go ahead and admit it...I am not a sports fan. It probably stems from that horrible incident in 5th grade when I was playing kickball and fell in front of my entire class....or maybe it was playing basketball with ROTC and feeling like a complete idiot....or maybe not being coordinated enough to get picked as a cheerleader...Does that make me unAmerican? Does it make me less of a woman? I admit it, I watch the Superbowl for the commercials, I yell at the top of my lungs for the Predators if we are at a game and I cheer on the Sounds but that does not make me a sports fan and I don't care. I am not a sports fan. I said it so deal with it! :)

However, when my kids are on the field that all changes. I am so proud of them when they are trying their hardest out there. My Little Man made had first career soccer goal today. I know, I know the recruiters will be calling soon. ;) And my Munchkin played her heart out even after tripping over the ball and bruising the side of her face with her glasses (she will probably be playing without them from here on out). I change into a sports fan when I have little people I love playing. And I think they like it that I am their fan. :)


  1. I'm sure they love it that you are their biggest fan. Congrats on the goal, Little Man.

  2. i am not a sports fan either--and i'm married to a man who is obsessed!! we just do our own thing...

    maybe if/when we have kids that will change??

  3. Yay! that is SO exciting that little man made a goal! Wahoo, that is a big deal!

  4. They have told everyone! :) It is exciting!