Sunday, September 19, 2010

Miss Patti's 1880 Settlement

When we moved to the south many years ago (9 years ago can you believe it?) we had some friends that told us about Miss Patti's. They raved about the 2 inch pork chops and the flower pot bread. The first time we went Munchkin had just started walking. We found a cute tiny turtle, fed the ducks and my hubby was spit at by a llama. It was also a time of transition for us so that particular trip holds certain memories for me.

The second time we went we were with my parents and some friends that have known me practically since I was born. Their son (who is my age) gouged my face with his finger nails and I punched him in the nose over Easter eggs we each wanted (we were 3). Little Man was a teeny tiny baby, it was busy but once again the food was top rate, the service good and we had a lovely time.

The band has been traveling more than they have in awhile so we needed a family day. We packed the kids in the car and headed for The Land Between the Lakes and Miss Patti's 1880 Settlement. It was not crowded today, a little humid but not too hot, the kids played on the playground and had static hair, we all enjoyed our food and our desserts and then came back home. It was nice to get away but only be far enough that we could come home. The llama did not spit at hubs but Munchkin was freaked out by the creepy emu..apparently she thought it was going to peck her.

If you get a chance go to Patti's for delicious food and take a walk around the grounds. :)

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  1. Love Patti's! I've never actually been, but when I worked at a doctor's office one of our drug reps would always bring us some of the mile-high meringue pies, and when I left my job a few months ago we had some pies on the last day, and one of the cookbooks as a going away gift :)