Friday, August 20, 2010

Welcome to our World

Or a more exciting title for this is what happened this week in bullet form:

1. First full day of 3rd grade and Kindergarten
2. Vision night at
3. Met briefly with 3rd graders teacher to let her know about ongoing anxiety if she thinks she might get in trouble for something. Teacher was very understanding and let the class know that kids that are messing around in the bathrooms after lunch will get a behavior card pulled not the kids that have jobs (sweeper) in the cafeteria.
4. Lunch at school with my Kindergartner
5. Moms in Touch (prayer group for our school)
6. Lunch at school with my 3rd grader
7. Teaching at local college
8. Both kids first soccer practices while I was working (coach asked if there were Vols fans in the house. Not one hand went up and the bright orange jerseys were handed out.)
9. Kids went to band practice with my rock star husband after soccer practice as I was still teaching
10. OS Update on the Droid bricked it so hubby was off to Verizon this morning
11. Woke up every day at 6 AM and made it to school on time
12. Bunco tonight
13. Laundry
14. Several phones call with my sister who is sending her kiddos to public school for the first time
15. Conference call for local college
16. Graded papers and prepared for class
17. Husband made fun of me for making a list and thinks I should add get up, brush teeth, etc....

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