Monday, August 30, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Hmm. I am not great at this so far and there is probably somewhere I can link up with other people on this as well. I suppose I should google it. :)

I have got to get back in the habit of making meals. I was really doing well for awhile after I left my full time position but then we went on vacation, were home for a bit and then left again for a weekend so I have kind of been a slacker in the cook dinner for the fam department. You want peanut butter and jelly again? Sure! Let's go to Dairy Queen for mini blizzards instead of dinner? Ok!  Yea...we are kind of a mess. But, it is a new week and a new menu plan.

Wait...I have to go look in the freezer and see what I can make... OK, 2 pounds of ground beef, 1 package of boneless skinless chicken and 1 package of 4 chuck tender steaks, 1 package no nitrate or nitrite Angus hot dogs.

Monday: Chicken Tettrazini
Tuesday: (I am teaching but can have something for the fam) Tacos
Wednesday: Steaks marinated in Patricia's marinade, mashed potatoes
Thursday: Hot dogs unless my hubby decides to take me out for my birthday (it is not until this weekend but he is traveling with the band.)
Friday: Maybe homemade pizza
Saturday: Leftovers

Well, we'll see if this happens this week. I think there is a good possibility that this is a doable menu for the week.


  1. here ya go!

  2. I think DQ for dinner is a perfectly reasonable option. Especially since we have been known to do that too. ;)