Monday, August 02, 2010

August 2, 2010 - The Cocoa Tree

I have lived in the Middle Tennessee area for 9 years. I heard people talk about Germantown but had no clue where it was. It sounded trendy and I kept thinking I would find it someday. Have you ever used Yelp before? While sitting at the pediatricians office waiting on the kids well checks I thought I would see what kind of specialty stores were nearby on yelp. That is how I discovered the Cocoa Tree Artisan Chocolate Cafe.

If you have been to Asheville N. Carolina you may have seen the lovely Chocolate Fetish in their downtown area. I was thrilled to see that Nashville has its own lovely chocolate shop.

After lunch with my hubby I took the kids on a trip to find the store. It is tucked away on 5th Ave N. in Germantown. It is surrounded by historic homes and several other businesses. We were the only ones there when we went in but the lady that was there said they are usually busier in the mornings.

The kids each got a little truffle cone and were given a chocolate lollipop for free. The truffle were quite rich  (maybe a tiny bit small for $1.99) and very tasty. My kiddos and I shared a Frozen Cocoalato. That was a wonderful treat for a very hot day. Somehow we got our chocolate home without it melting and enjoyed it once we got there.

If you are craving chocolate I definitely recommend you stop in. :)

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