Saturday, July 03, 2010

NaBloPoMo Day 3 - Daddy, I Have Some Bad News!!

This phrase, with some good timing, was uttered by my daughter tonight as she launched into Party in the USA. This song causes an earworm for my husband who catches himself humming it and smacks himself in the forehead. Remember my post from a few days ago where I felt like such a dork? Well, I have heard this song no less than 30 times this week. I am not crying over it anymore but I do know every word and sing along happily. The funniest part to me is when my 6 year old son sings about the Jay-Z song was on....he has no idea who that is.
Bobby just got back from a week on the road with the band. They played at Lifestock tonight in our new building. It is a renovated movie theater and is a lot bigger than our little place we were meeting before. The kids and I volunteered to hand out free water to people as they passed by to find an optimum spot to watch the fireworks. Munchkin loved yelling "Get your free cereal!!" As we were also handing out mini boxes of Life (Clever, yes?) cereal with the church info attached. Every time Little Man was able to give away water or cereal he got so excited and jumped up and down screaming. I have a feeling that has a lot to do with him drinking most of my diet Dr. Pepper. I don't let me kids drink caffeine but he got a hold of it tonight and did some damage.
As we handed out water and cereal I watched people's responses. Some averted their eyes as they passed, some allowed their kids to take the cereal for a Fireworks snack and some stopped to ask questions about the building and the church. Many though just declined the free ice cold water we were handing out. Some brought their own snacks and some just looked uncomfortable.
It has been awhile since we have been really involved and serving in church. We were at a mega church (which I still think is a wonderful place) where we were very involved and were there every time the doors opened. Even though we were there all the time we were not connected in solid relationships with others...At the beginning we had a fantastic connect group but things change and while we are still friends with many of the people from that groups everyone kind of went their own way as the church grew and we all started serving in different capacities. We have not really let ourselves serve at our new church and I am not sure why. I know we will get to know more people while we are serving. We may actually spend some time with other families at church. I want to say we are in a LifeGroup but we have not been very good at going and being a part. Some of it is selfishness. When I was working 40 hours a week and teaching once a week I just wanted to spend the few hours I had at home with my family and that was it. I didn't feel like I had anything else to give to anyone. The time I spent at my 40 hour a week job led to a few friendships and I appreciate those as well. But, I haven't done anything to cultivate those friendships either.

I know the society we live in is fast. My friend in England can tweet what she is listening to and I know it. I can see on Facebook that I another friend is going to the movies. I see pictures of friends kids and see how they are growing up. It feels like I am connected to them and caught up with them and I realize I haven't seen them in months or years. I ran into a friend at the fountains the other day. The last time I saw here was at Mimi's Cafe before her class reunion. That was at least a year ago...maybe more.

Blah, I am just rambling. I want to have deep meaningful relationships with people and I keep getting in the way of that. How do I get out of that rut?

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  1. I think deep meaningful relationships with people are hard to cultivate in the world we live in today. I think if we concentrate on deep meaninful relationships with our husbands, wives and children we are doing great. I also think it's possible to have a few close friends in your lifetime that are there for you no matter what. You are doing the best that you can and that's all you can do.