Friday, July 02, 2010

NaBloPoMo Day 2 - The Hermitage

A couple of years ago we took some family to the Hermitage (Home of Andrew Jackson). They have an audio tour included in your tickets and have Poll (Paul) the Parrot narrating for kids. My daughter fell in love with Poll and the grounds. She even asked if we could have her birthday party there. That is a bit expensive but we did get a membership this year so we can go anytime we have a whim to do so.

Today we went with my friend Melissa and her two boys. We toured the house, gardens and one of the cabins and had a lovely picnic lunch by the education building. Munchkin was not happy the education building wasn't open..."It's not fair!!" was uttered several times. Hate to break it to you honey but life ain't fair.

While enjoying our picnic lunch a hen wandered over. If you ask any of our children I have a feeling that is what they will tell you about..not the mansion, not the gardens or the cabin but the chicken. The chicken enjoyed a small piece of cheese, watermelon seeds and attempted to eat one of the beads on my flip flop...they are quite shiny and I am sure they looked tasty. A second quote from my daughter today that I thought was very silly was "We are enjoying the chicken...and we aren't even eating it!" Ha Ha Silly girl...I suppose a trip to Chickfila could have been in order after that remark. We did eat chicken corn chowder for dinner so maybe that counts. :)

In the spirit of the theme "saved" the Hermitage is a good fit. It is not something we have saved but I think with our membership it helps keep it preserved. So, in a sense we are helping save it. How is that for talking in a circle?
If you ever get a chance, going to the Hermitage is a great outing for the family. Plan to spend several hours for the house, grounds, gardens and museum.


  1. We would definitely like to see that whenever we get out that way.

  2. I loved it when we went and would like to go again some time.