Thursday, July 01, 2010

NaBloPoMo Day 1 - July 1st Saved

I just got the email in my inbox talking about NaBloPoMo. I have decided to try my hand at it again. The last time I blogged every day for a month was in November of I guess it hasn't been quite a year since then, but I have had a couple of super slow months. This months theme is SAVED. As in things you have saved over the years but I suppose it could be my testimony as well. :)

We have a lot going on this month from LifeStock, to Salient at the Nolensville 4th of July celebration, to Munchkins 8th birthday sleepover, to a family reunion, to friends coming into town....July is busy so I should have plenty of material to blog with. I may not be the funniest, wittiest, sharpest wordsmith on the block but I hope you will enjoy hearing from me every day for the month of July.

If you would like to join NaBloPoMo click here and sign up. Let me know so I can add you to my reader or follow along on your blog!