Monday, July 26, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

I follow a couple of blogs that do Menu Plan Monday. Suzanne and Jessie, I am looking at you. I haven't really attempted it before and I don't have links for my recipes but I thought this would be a good time to start....mostly because payday is Friday and I may have to get creative with what we have in the house.
So here goes...

Monday.. Fish sticks and Tater Tots (and maybe frozen veggies) I have a week 5 class tonight with a pot luck so that is for my hubby and our kiddos. I'm not heartless, I am just using what we have..

Tuesday: Chicken Tacos. We have tortillas, a block of cheese, a can of black beans, chicken and lettuce and a jar of salsa. We do not have tortilla chips but we do have 2 other bags of chips.

Wednesday: Grilled Tri-Tip, baby carrots and homemade rolls

Thursday: Cheddarwurst and Hot links with salad

Friday is payday so...Pizza! :)


  1. I'm lookin' back at ya! Good plannin'! I need to post mine, but I'm so scattered about it. I don't do the weekly plan, so I always feel like it doesn't really count. Maybe it's not cheating if I eat what I plan sometime in the next 2 weeks? :)

  2. So, you starve Sat and Sun? LOL ;)

    We are getting back into menu planning now that all kids are home from various summer activities and visits and my schedule is back to being crazier-than-the-normal-crazy. I have a place on my blog in a sidebar that lists my menus.