Wednesday, July 07, 2010

July 7, 2010 - Library cuts

It is amazing to me the things the state will cut from the budget when things get tough. We are big fans of the public library and the summer reading program. We have done it several years in a row and the kids have 2 commemorative pins attached to their library card lanyards. Each year the library has done an end of the summer program for the kids handing out certificates and the pins. That is not happening this year.

When we went in to the library yesterday the kids were handed a prize that is free admission to certain venues (this is given out each year) and a pair of goggles. Now the goggles are fun but they would have rather had the pin. So we talked to our librarian who said the pins had been cut out of the budget and a computer program for tracking reading had been purchased instead. She loves the pins and if she could would have them again, and the program seems to be nothing but trouble. However, she didn't seem hopeful because she said that once it is cut it is extremely difficult to get back.

Story hours for the summer have also been cut because our little library may have been only open half time or closed for the month of July. That it is still open with a full staff is a miracle. Please support your local libraries! This is such an amazing resource open to the public. Read a book! It will stimulate your mind. Don't tell me you are not a reader or hate to read. Find something you are interested in and read about it. The library has how to books on everything from cooking to car repair. Take your small children to story hours and let them listen. Kids that are read to and read do better in school. Give them the right start!


  1. Your right Karen. We do need our local libraries. I'm ashamed to say that until you came to visit a few weeks ago, I hadn't been to the library in years. I'll try to do better.

  2. Did you take those books back, by the way?

  3. Yeah, why is it that the first they cut is stuff for the kids? They turned off our play fountains this year. Luckily some private backers stepped up and donated some money to get them turned back on.

  4. Thank you for sharing. As a librarian, I appreciate all the positive support :)