Tuesday, July 06, 2010

July 6, 2010 - {TWD} Tarte Noire

Simple, elegant, delicious. I used Lindt dark chocolate with orange and it made me think of Christmas and the Chocolate Oranges Santa sticks in my kids stocking. :) Thank you to dharmagirl from bliss:toward a delicious life for choosing this weeks recipe. She has been to France and has a lovely story. Go check out her blog!

A quick shout out to Susan from food.baby for Raisin Swirl bread. My husband said this was better than the giant cinnamon twist he gets at our favorite doughnut shop. :) I only got one picture as the loaf was devoured before I could whip out the camera. Of course I was still mourning the release of the magic blue smoke from my food processor from trying to knead dough in there.

I missed two recipes this month. Tender Shortcakes chosen by Cathy from Tortefeasor  and Dressy Loaf Cake chosen by Amy of Amy Ruth Bakes. Cathy is hilarious and makes me giggle every time I read her blog. Amy takes beautiful photos and this post was no exception! Both started TWD not too long before me...I think and it has been fun reading their baking adventures. Sorry ladies that I didn't get to make these this month. I am still planning on making them!

The last recipe of the month was Rum Drenched Vanilla Cakes chosen by Wendy of Pink Stripes. Again, just one picture.Bobby was out of town and I had a feeling this was a recipe he would really like. I liked it and my kids liked it. I made the orange version that did not include any rum...and I used extract instead of vanilla beans. It was one of those weeks that I could not justify spending $8 on 3 vanilla beans and didn't want to take my kids to the liquor store (because in Tennessee you cannot buy liquor at the grocery).

Sorry ladies that I was such a slacker about getting these up for June. I was out of town for 2 weeks and away from all of my baking gear. I did make the cover cake for a birthday in Oregon (with coconut milk for a relative with lactose intolerance) and I made the Cocoa Buttermilk Birthday Cake for Fathers Day.
This cake looks terrible but the marshmallow frosting turned out great and it was delicious! :)

I hope no one will hold it against me as next week is my choice! Check back for Brrrr-ownies!!! :)


  1. The chocolate orange combination sounds divine. I must try that next time!

    Did you say that you won a baking contest with the Blueberry Pie? *gasp* I almost made that this weekend, but I was too tired. Now I am even more determined to try it!

  2. Your goodies all look great!

    I, personally, can not WAIT for the brrrrownies!!!!!

  3. Love orange with chocolate!

    I bought my Peppermint Patties yesterday. My hubby can't wait for me to make the Brrrrrownies! :)

  4. your torte noire looks amazing....I like the orange, it goes so well with chocolate!
    I think you made up for missing the last few recipes!

  5. I remember those chocolate/orange bars. Great idea to use them.

    all the others look good too.

  6. that tart looks awesome. It must really taste good with the addition of orange flavored lindt chocolate!

  7. All your baking looks great. Summer is crazy, huh. I've been neither here nor there as well! Sigh.

  8. thanks for baking with me! i loved the tarte noire:)