Wednesday, July 21, 2010

July 21, 2010~ iPad and sunburn

It has been a really low key day in the house. Yesterday we went swimming at a friends house and had a fantastic time. I managed to sunscreen the kids and my face but forgot the rest of myself. We stayed in the pool during a torrential downpour, had lunch and swam some more. Today I am quite crispy. I am fairly certain I have not had a sunburn like this in years. To the store I go to get SPF 70.

Today has consisted of grading papers while the kids sang high school musical karaoke on the wii. Now we are watching minute to win it and will have a movie night in a little bit. While we watch tv I am posting from the iPad. I am just trying it out since it is hubsters for work. Fun stuff! Now on to mr. Fantastic fox movie night.

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  1. i have been quite crisp myself--was in florida last week and missed several spots on my legs...resulting in strips and spots! i look like a fool! hope yours gets better soon!