Sunday, July 18, 2010

July 18, 2010 - Quelf

Have you played Quelf before? I am fairly certain this is a game invented by people who were drinking. We played while we were on vacation with my family and had some fun (we were not drinking). I had to call my mom (in love of course) the enemy of fun because she thought it was so stupid. It is a very very random game.
Munchkin loved Quelf so much that she bought it with her birthday money. We played a quick round today so I thought I would share a few examples of things we had to do. I had to sit on my hands unless it was my turn, Little Man was not allowed to bend his arms or legs unless it was his turn and my hubby had to say "I have you now" every time he made eye contact with anyone. Munchkin had to try to get someone to say farm equipment without saying a word and we each had to say the name of a hollywood hunk. Somehow the guys from Wipeout ended up on that list with Sharkboy and a Jonas brother. Little Man caught me not sitting on my hands so I really should have taken the penalty and moved my player back a space...but I cheat so I didn't. Just kidding I don't cheat but I did win. :) So, for those board game players out there this is a fun one to add to the collection. I will say there are a few questions not really appropriate for small kids like places you have been naked. We covered that one by saying any state where we had taken a shower or bath. Have fun and "Quelf in the land of the farm!"

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  1. I think this is the game that my little sister was describing that she played over the weekend...and it is so cool that you know Christin Kingsolver too! I know the Kingsolvers through Campus Crusade for Christ at WKU--my dad is the director of the ministry there and discipled Jason and lead a Bible study for them. We have kept in touch somewhat over the years--but the magic of facebook makes it more possible! ;) I love all these blog connections that turn out to have "real-life" connections too! (and I've got to say that I was super excited when I saw how open you are about your faith on your blog--and that you aren't seems like all the openly religious food bloggers that i find are LDS) I'm so excited to learn more about you!