Wednesday, June 23, 2010


So it has been about 2 weeks since I posted anything. But it is because we were on vacation! This is the first time in years that my hubby has had vacation time and we had a little extra money to take a trip. Let me tell you though flying 4 people to the left coast ain't cheap!

For the first leg of our journey we went to Oregon to visit hubsters fam. It was a wonderful time. His brothers, sister in law, niece and nephews, mom and dad were all there. We spent a couple of days on the coast, got to see a couple of friends (Hi Rachel and George, Geoff and Kacey, Chris and Sarah) (one of whom took the man vs. food challenge at Salvador Molly's) checked out the Spruce Goose at the Evergreen Air Museum, toured the Tillamook Cheese Factory, ate at Mazatlan, Chang's and Round Table. I sliced my finger making a cake, the kids played together all week, I got to see my niece play flute while grandma played piano and my nephew play saxophone and then headed for California.

In California we saw my folkie polkies, 2 of my sisters, 1 of their boyfriends and my parents 2 crazy dogs. We went to the free family day at the California Academy of Science in San Francisco, ate at the Sea Lion Cafe where the kids (and me) could watch the sea lions, went to the Jelly Belly factory and Old Town Sacramento (which has a free scavenger hunt for families starting at the Mechanics Exchange). We had a super soaker fight (well Bobby, the kids and my sisters did while I took pictures), made squished pennies and played Quelf. We got to eat at In-n-Out, and another trip to Round Table. We had a small get together with a couple of friends (Hi Amy and Matt) Plus, my mom made TriTip...Why isn't that cut of meat readily available in Tennessee? I also got to go to See's candy! Yum!

Now it is back to real life in Tennessee. The land of brown recluse spider checks before bed, humidity and our own beds. The kids are still asleep, I think they are enjoying their own beds.

I have already swept up so much hair from two weeks away I think I might have an extra dog, have unpacked the suitcases and now it is on to the exciting world of laundry and grocery shopping. :) I hope your day is as happy and fun as mine! :)

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