Friday, June 25, 2010

I Love Baking....Really

You know the scene in the commercials where the incompetent dad or the inexperienced baker forgets to put the lid on the blender and it explodes all over the kitchen....yeah...that just happened. Only in my case it was my food processor and I foolishly put milk and butter in before any dry ingredients. In case you were wondering, paper towels do not keep the liquids from spewing out even when one thinks that might help.

I do not have a mixer with a paddle hook or a dough hook. I have a hand mixer with 2 beaters which has served me quite will over the last couple of years that I have been part of my baking group. However, it does not work quite as well for bread. I am not afraid of yeast. I have been making cornmeal crescent rolls for years using just a wooden spoon. I suppose I could have done that with the raisin swirl bread I am making but I saw on someones blog they had used a food processor.Which of course I thought was brilliant.

I may have released the magic blue smoke from mine....  :( I have not destroyed an appliance like that since I first started baking with TWD. I guess I will check it in a bit and see if it just slightly overheated.


  1. saundra10:57 AM

    Sorry that happened Karen! Maybe if you keep entering, you will win one of those nifty Kitchen Aide mixers from PW or some other bloggy person. I just had a chance to look at some of your 365 pictures too. Such fun! Oh, and I think a trip to the Jelly Belly factory would be just delightful!!!

  2. I can see the stuff flying now,lol.
    That's frustrating but I think you just need to buy a Kitchenaid. Look on their website cause sometimes they've got good deals and watch Wal-Mart for their specials. Usually the day after Thanksgiving.