Saturday, June 26, 2010

I am such a DORK!

The other day I bought the kids a Miley Cyrus CD that has Party in the USA. The kids tend to bust this song out in earshot of their daddy as it becomes and earworm and he hears it all day long.
This morning that song came on and I burst into tears....ok, I didn't burst but I did start tearing up on the lyric "my tummies turning and I'm feeling kinda homesick". It comes after the line about seeing the Hollywood sign and then goes on to talk about how the favorite song comes on and everything is ok. Knowing L.A. and the feeling of homesickness I had after we left and how I felt when I moved there when I was 18 just all comes back. Also, I know that certain songs have such an impact every time I hear them.
Anyway, that is why I am feeling like a dork today...because I burst into tear over a Miley Cyrus song. Are there songs you hear that impact you like that?


  1. Yes, "The Song Remembers When" by Trisha Yearwood.

  2. Sarah9:34 AM

    right after graduation I drove all by myself from MJ to IN to see a friend of mine graduate. It was the first time (well and only time I think) I've left the state by myself. I had a great time but on my way home as soon as I crossed the Ky/TN line into Portland "Rocky Top" came on...I cried! The song "Grandpa tell be 'bout the good ole days" by the Judds also tears me up. You're not a dork just a woman with a soft heart.