Sunday, June 06, 2010

Happy 6th Birthday

to my sweet sweet little man! I cannot believe 6 years have already passed with you in our lives! You have changed so much just in the last year and your personality is really starting to blossom! You have gone through an entire year of Kindergarten as a five year old and will get to do it again as a 6 year old. You were on your best behavior for the entire school year but having Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum makes fine motor skills, speech, and some school work quite difficult. Hopefully, having gone through Kindergarten this year will give you a solid foundation to start with next year.

This years birthday party was a Minute to Win it theme. We had 4 different games and had the kids in groups rotating through each station. We had a treat at each table that went into the kids treat bag after they played the game. His favorite friends were here to help him celebrate and we even had the added treat of seeing a snapping turtle in our neighborhood.

As a six year old you are learning to ride a bike with training wheels, drawing people as a head with arms and legs coming out of the head, practicing your speech and saying much bigger words. You love your big sister but you are starting to let her know what you want instead of just going with whatever she says. You love milk and peanut butter and anything sweet. You can navigate my phone and daddy's phone almost as well as we can to play games on them. You love to play the Wii and read your little blue Bible. You bring it to us and tell us where to start reading and sit and listen until we are done.

My prayer for you this year is that you will want to know Jesus more that you do right now. You tell us that He is in your heart and we know He is. I pray for you to do the best you can in all things you attempt. You are a sweet little boy and I love you more every single day! Happy birthday sweet boy!


  1. My heart is full of joy right now that I have such a wonderful grandson. Happy Birthday sweet boy!

  2. aww what a sweet, sweet post! Happy B-day to your little man!! Love the Minute to Win It Theme! :)