Sunday, June 27, 2010


My daughter takes after her parents. I teach grammar (obviously I am not perfect and really should use spell check) and my husband will correct people under his breath. My daughter will stand over my shoulder and correct my typing errors or tell me I used the wrong word. I swear the child may be an editor even though she insists she is going to be a veterinarian/My Gym teacher/WalMart greeter.

With the way she corrects my grammar it makes me smile when she says bap-i-tized. We say the word correctly and she still says bap-i-tized. She got to see one of her best buddies get bap-i-tized today and was thrilled to be there to support her. One of these days she will get it but I want to hold onto the one word she insists on mispronouncing even when correcting me. ;)

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  1. No matter how hard I tried, you used to say hypopotasum. Oh yeah and you loved ogret.