Sunday, May 02, 2010

We may need to build an ark....

So, we have had record rainfall in the last few days. 10 inches where we are and 15 inches downtown and the rain is not stopping. I have been at scrap retreat and kind of disconnected from the real world. Both nights were rough with storms.
We have friends all over Middle Tennessee without power and stuck at their homes because the flooding is so bad. We have never seen flooding like this in the 9 year we have lived here.
We have several inches of water in our crawl space and a small stream in our basement. The water was enough to float a cozy coupe and tip over a half full gas can and spill it.
I was planning on staying at the retreat until later this evening but decided, after reading a bunch of Facebook updates on my phone that I should pack it up and come home.
After asking for advice on which way to go I decided not to take my side street route. One friend posted that she was one street over from that route and she was blocked in. I decided on a second route and part of that route was closed sending me even further east but I came upon a good exit and was able to make it back to my area. Of course, I got even closer to home and the main road was completely covered in water. I had to make a quick maneuver around a median and was able to take some other back roads to my house.
Every house in our neighborhood has flooded basements. :( The singers house from our band in flooded. They have moved everything upstairs but their backyard is a river. Our bass player and his family can't go anywhere as their neighborhood is blocked in.
I guess all this is to say is keep Tennessee in your prayers as we wait out the storms.


  1. I'm so glad you got home safe and our dear sil and babies are safe.

  2. I'll be keeping you all in my prayers! Be safe.