Tuesday, April 06, 2010

{TWD} Coconut Lemon Tea Cake

This week's recipe was supposed to be Mocha Marbled Bundt Cake, but we had the option to bake Coconut Tea Cake this week also. Since it was Easter and I felt springy I baked these for Easter dessert.
My little recipe made 12 mini bundts (which turned out super cute I think!) and a small cake made in my mini oval baker from Pampered Chef.
My husband loved these! He said that the tartness and the sweetness just popped. The glaze is just powdered sugar and lemon juice that I put in a snack size ziploc bag and cut the corner off of.
My daugther did not like these because of the coconut but my dog did.
There is a reason you do not see a picture of the mini cake. While we were in skyping with far away family our giant dog was in enjoying the cake. She also ate 3 of the mini bundts. My daugher slid a note under the door that said "Mommy, I think Kelsey ate the big cake!". Bobby's parents got to see me send the dog outside with her tail between her legs. All I had to do was say her name and she knew she was in trouble.

Thank you to Carmen of Carmen Cooks for choosing this delicious springy recipe! :)


Melissa said...

So funny! Your mini bundts are cute!

Pamela said...

Ha! Well, obviously the dog has some very good taste! They looked really good!

Jessica said...

I love those mini bundts! Adorable! I would totally eat an entire cake in one sitting though :)

spike. said...

enjoyed by all-even the dog. love it!

Kim said...

Your little cakes are making me drool. I want these again.

Debbie said...

Ha, ha, ha, you're making me laugh. I remember that dog Chocolate that we had. She ate the Easter Bunny's bow that I had worked so hard on.

Katrina said...

Your minis look perfect!
Great (but sorry) story about the dog eating your cakes, too.

Deeva said...

So cute and sounds delicious.

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