Sunday, April 04, 2010

That's My Bike!!

There has been quite a bit of bike riding around our neighborhood due to my daughters new found love for all things bicycle. Yesterday we took a short (2 mile) ride around...well, Bobby did 2 miles, Munchkin did over 3 and I will admit I did less. A girl can only ride a bike so much until she cannot ride comfortably! Munchkin took a huge spill on her bike but picked herself back up and kept going. She didn't have a scratch on her and she doesn't even seem to be sore today. She did have her new helmet, gloves, knee and elbow pads protecting her little body.

I suppose all of the bike riding explains my crazy dream from the other night. I actually woke up and told Bobby about it in the middle of the night. It was one of those dreams where I was so mad when I woke up I had to force myself to go back to sleep so I could resolve the dream.

So, in the dream, Munchkin and I were riding our bikes to Bar-B-Cutie for lunch. It seemed to be in a downtown area and I had forgotten a bike lock. I parked my bike out front and Munchkin wheeled hers in with us. I was just leaving my bike outside for a second so I could ask if the servers thought it would be safe while we ate lunch. As I was talking to the server I saw an older guy with a graying beard check out my bike, look around and start riding away. For some stupid reason I left Munchkin there as I started running down the street screaming at the guy "THAT IS MY BIKE! I HATE YOU!! WHY ARE YOU STEALING MY BIKE YOU JERK!!! I think I remember seeing a police car in my peripheral vision but then remembered I left my daughter at the restaurant. This is where I woke up just angry that my bike had been stolen in the 5 minutes we were in the store and that I was such an incompetent mother that I left my daughter with strangers while I ran down the street.

I am sure part of this stemmed from riding to the community center to use the restroom and not having a bike lock with us. Bobby informed me that we do have one and we now have it out and ready to use. Guess that will teach me to lock up my bike...

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  1. You are not an incompetent mother and you have very strange detailed dreams!