Funny things my son told me

My poor sweet baby boy (yes he is 5 and tells me he is a big boy not a baby) has been home from school with strep the last two days. We stopped to get a drink at Hardees on our way to pick up Munchkin from school and he wanted chocolate milk. Well, Hardees does not have chocolate milk to which he said "Tarbucks has chocolate milk!" He hasn't been to Starbucks in at least a year and a half!

Not long after that he told me he knew how little boys were made. "God blew his nose and big boogers came out and that's how boys were made....cuz boys have big boogers!"

I don't know if my girl would have ever thought of something like that....he is a funny guy and I am so happy to see his little personality emerging and hear him expressing himself. he has started to become a bit impulsive..he picked up a rock and threw it at my car and I am certain he didn't realize it was a bad idea until I (in surprise) said "What on earth did you do that for?" The surprise that it was wrong completely registered on his face.
Anyway, those funny quotes just made my day! :)


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