Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Kitchen Conversation

Munchkin: Mommy, I want Spaghetti for dinner!

Me: Hmm, that is easy but I don't think we have any sauce.

Munchkin: Ooo! That is OK! I will make daddy's special white sauce and I want to make it all by myself!!!

Me: I think we are out of Parmesan cheese, isn't that the secret ingredient?

Munchkin: Well, yes.... but I can make some anyway!

Me: Ok...go for it. Do you need help?

Munchkin: Well, the last time there was too much milk so can you help me pour half of this 1/4 cup?

Me: Do you know that is 1/8th cup?

Munchkin: Oh yeah!! Ok, now I am going to put in mozzarella cheese and this other cheese. Do we have any spices?

Me: We have oregano and basil.

Munchkin: Can I smell them? (after smelling she decided on basil)
hmmmm.....what else should I put in?

Me: How about some garlic salt?

Munchkin: oo yes!

After mixing all of this together she microwaved it and stirred it up all by herself and then poured it into the pasta I had been preparing while she made the sauce. I should mention that I was making cookie dough at the same time as well so I wasn't really helping her.

I was so proud of her for making sauce from scratch, with no recipe, and it tasted good! I am a fairly decent cook but I am not great. I like to have a recipe to follow and cooking is not necessarily about that. I hope my little Munchkin learns to be an excellent cook and that we give her the freedom to do so! :)


  1. This story brought me back to the days of when my parents let my sister cook. She was very "creative," not too many good experiences with that one. She is much much better now, but still daring.

  2. What a great moment to have your daughter! :) Cooking isn't just for is about being creative. Your daughter rocks! - mary

  3. What a great mom you are. Im glad your daughter is starting on her cooking journey!