Thursday, March 04, 2010

Christian Music Guilt

I have had this post rattling around in my brain for awhile. It still may not come out sounding the way I want it to but I thought I would still put this out there.

Have you ever been driving along and you turn on the Christian Music station and the song on the station is just not good. It is cheesy or not well written or sounds like every other song that is playing when you turn it to that station. You don't like the song but you leave it there anyway because you feel guilty about turning off a song about God? You should love everything about God. You should love songs about Him and want to listen to them so you should keep it there, right?

There are plenty of musicians that are Christians I highly respect and love their music. They have musical integrity and don't put out junky songs that make you want to turn them off. Think Downhere, Bebo Norman, Nicole Nordeman, Switchfoot. I love to listen to good quality music, not music that has to be written for the Christian population. I guess the guilt I am feeling has to do with wanting to hear songs about God but not wanting to listen to Biblical words that have just been thrown into the standard Christianese song. You can tell when you turn to the Christian station.

I am not going to feel guilty any longer. If it is not a good song I am not going to feel guilty about changing the station. I don't have any guilt about changing the station when it is a crappy Justin Timberlake song (seriously, that new song is the dumbest thing I have ever heard), or that according to you song. Music that is glorifying to God should be awesome.

Anyway, maybe I am the only one that feels like this but maybe I'm not. So, if you feel this way you can break free of the guilt you feel about changing the station on a lame song. Remember, good that it is about God, bad that it is lame.

If you, my 18 readers, have suggestions of quality Christian music for me, I am all ears. :)


  1. I hear ya sisiter..I change that station if the song is bad. I do love Christian Music, but it seems they play songs over and over! Im glad your guilt is gone!

  2. I hate the songs that repeat over and over and over and over.
    I still love Steven Curtis Chapman.

  3. I stopped listening to the radio and switched to Pandora or the i-pod. Of course, all I'm listening to now is Nixon In China...