Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Buckle What Fracture?

Last Thursday hubs and I were sitting on the couch watching a movie when all of a sudden we heard a horrendous boom from upstairs. Little Man had fallen out of bed and by the time we reached him was still in mid silent know the one. The scream that is followed by a wake up the neighborhood kind of scream. I picked him up and saw had landed on his right knee a bruise was already forming and I thought it was going to be a doosy. He could move his leg though and, aside from the initial shock didn't seem to be in too much pain. Really, I think just the shock of falling out of bed would make me do the silent scream.

Friday Little Man seemed fine, we sent him school happy as a clam. I don't think we did much Friday night but then Saturday rolled around. We needed to go look for a mattress for Munchkin. Sweet girl has a castle bed that still had the toddle mattress on it. She was in dire need so we drug the kids all over town looking for a mattress. By about the third store Little Man started dragging and getting kind of whiny. He wanted Bobby to carry him or to ride in the cart, and he had started limping...a lot. I should mention here that he fell down at one of the stores when he wasn't watching where he was going. I think things started to get worse from there. I told him that night if it didn't feel better I would take him to the doctor the next day. Sunday rolled around and again he seemed fine so we went to church. But, I noticed he was still limping when we came out so off to the doctor we went. I was hoping we would get home in time for kick off (Big Football Sunday you know) but we ended up at Vandy getting x-rays.

Little Man was a trooper and did so well getting x-rayed. He did not seem to remember getting pictures taken of his chest last year when he had pneumonia but just went with it. The scariest part was having to take off his jeans and put on the little gown with the vandy dog on the front.
X-Rays did not take too long and we settled in to wait for the results. Little Man was enjoying the little chairs in the lobby when surprisingly only a few minutes past and we were called. The results were that he probably had a soft tissue injury, treat it with ibuprofen and he would be good to go soon enough.
Monday I sent my sweet boy to school with a teaspoon and a half of ibuprofen in him and his regular shoes. He was still limping but the radiologist (who looked like Captain Awesome only bigger) had said he was fine. About 9:30 I got a phone call from the pediatrician saying another radiologist had looked at the X-Ray and found a buckle fracture. Luckily I had worked Saturday was getting off work early plan was to grade papers until it was time to pick my kids up from school. We all know what happens when you make plans though....

We had a sweet resident whose job was to entertain the kids and help Little Man not be scared. She brought them magnadoodles and raced cars down the hallway. The doctor kind of reminded me of my Father in Law....except that he smelled like coffee. He got Little Man fixed up in a boot and sent us on our way.

My sweet Little Man was not a happy camper at the beginning but has quickly adjusted to his boot. He has to wear it all the time except for bath or bedtime. He used to wear orthotics so this isn't much of a stretch. Now, for a month of this...we'll see how it goes. :)


  1. Poor Little Man. He seems to be happy enough though.

  2. Those "Little Men" are amazingly resilient. I can't believe how quickly they mend. He is a lucky little man to have such an awesome Mommy!
    Happy Valentine's Day. Maybe a special treat.

  3. Thanks Amy. :) He seems to be doing fine. Hopefully the break will heal quickly. I think a special treat is definitely in order.

  4. aw, poor little guys. sounds like an awful ordeal. Finn fell off the couch and broke his wrist when he was just 17 months old and it was just awful!