Tuesday, February 23, 2010

{TWD} Honey Wheat Cookies

Ugh, I feel like a broken record when explaining why my recipe is not up. The 1 lonely stick of butter for this recipe has been sitting on the counter for 2 days waiting to be mixed lovingly into cookies. The wheat germ is sitting next to it sadly contemplating it's demise. I am actually excited about this recipe, I can almost taste the crunchiness of the wheat germ on the outside of the cookies.
Alas, I have spent every waking moment at my desk at work, teaching 4 hour classes, grading papers, preparing for the next class I am teaching, and kissing my kids goodnight. It is a good thing I am only doing this this month because I am one tired lady.
I will be home at 10:30 tonight and may make these then but I am planning on making next week's recipe also to share with tomorrows class.
Hopefully I will have some pictures up later tonight.

This week's recipe was chosen by Michelle of Flourchild. She is one of my very favorite TWD bakers. Not only does she bake she is a fitness guru and a runner. Check out her site for the recipe and her awesome old fashioned mixer. :)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Dumb, Dumb, Dumb

So, tonight I ordered pizza from Papa Johns....online. This is not normally a problem, we have done it before successfully. Tonight was a pizza FAIL! After waiting over an hour for my pizza I decided I better check my email. Apparently there is a button you must click to change the order from carryout to delivery and I failed to see it. Since hubs is out of town with the band and I am home with two extra kiddos I couldn't go pick it up. I called in and they wanted to CANCEL my order and redo it so they could add in the delivery fee. I sat on hold for 5 minutes waiting for a manager and then hung up and called back. (I hate that when people do that to me but I got through!) If they canceled my order it would take up to 14 days for the money to be credited to my account. I asked if I could just write a check for the delivery fee.

They ended up remaking my pizza and sending it out without the delivery fee so all I needed was a tip. I feel a little like a schmuck because I had to raid my kids stash for a tip for the driver. Oh the joys of a cashless society. Anyway, the kiddos liked the pizza and all was well. The moral is: if you ever order online make sure that the correct buttons are pushed or you will wait forever for a pizza that is not being delivered!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

{TWD} Rick Katz Brownies and My Best Ch. Chip Cookies

Yes, I realize it is Thursday and I am posting 2 recipes at once. Working 40 hours a week, teaching 12 hours a week and grading papers the rest of the week does not a frequent blogger make. :) I would have included my Cocoa nana bread on this post as well but I can't find the photos...they must be in the group I moved to my other computer. Anyway, enough with the excuses! On to the recipes. First we had Rick Katz's Brownies for Julia. These were chosen by Chocolatechic. She has gorgeous food photography and a fun blog. Go check it out! People said that these turned out pretty runny so I really wasn't surprised when mine did the same. After a couple of hours in the fridge though they were pretty tasty. They had a fudge like quality to them and a yummy crispy top. Of course, there are still some left in the fridge so it is not a recipe my family will be begging me to make again. My kiddos did like the little heart shaped brownies I cut out and sent with them to school though.
Next we have My Best Chocolate Chip Cookies. Reading the P&Q's everyone said these spread like crazy. There were a few though that said if you reduce the butter or increase the flour it wouldn't be so bad. I asked Munchkin to get 2 sticks of butter out of the fridge. When I made it to the kitchen there was a stick and 3/4 so we went with it...I figured it was a sign. :) The bittersweet chocolate in these was tasty and I did actually put walnuts in them (surprising for a nut hater like me). They are chopped fine though so you can't see them. Since we have Girl Scout Cookies in the house along with some ice cream and extra brownies I took most of these to one of my classes. They liked them but didn't really think they were the best they had ever had. And, I will go with them on this. I have my go to recipe for Chocolate Chip cookies that my mom gave me. I much prefer that one. Even though these were not "my best" chocolate chip cookies they were pretty good. :) Thank you to Kait from Kait's Plate for choosing this weeks recipe. She baked these in 3 different batches to find out the bast way to bake them. She is another one with gorgeous photos. Make sure to stop by her site and say hi! :)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Linky Love

I just wanted to post my top ten referring blogs (those that link here). Thank you!

1. Little Band of Brothers
A sweet girl for APU that has her hands full with boys. She is creative and inspiring!

2. Tuesdays with Dorie
My baking club

3. The Food Librarian
If you like big bundts you will love Marys site. She is one of my favorite TWD girls.

4. A Woman of a Certain Age
Hi Mom! :)

5. Briley Grace Barker
A friend from church that runs our children's ministry

6. Amy Lafayette
Another sweet friend from my old church. She had a crazy surprise you can go read all about.

7. The Robertson Family
Another friend from our old church who picked up and transplanted to Texas. Girl! How do you have so many followers?

8. Breagirl
Want to know about adoption, especially interracial adoption, Brea is your girl. She is very honest and has great insight. She also runs an awesome consignment sale that starts soon!

9. Amy Ruth Bakes
Another one of my favorite TWD peeps. :)

10. Hvillemommy
4 kiddos, plays a mean game of bunco and love the Lord!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Buckle What Fracture?

Last Thursday hubs and I were sitting on the couch watching a movie when all of a sudden we heard a horrendous boom from upstairs. Little Man had fallen out of bed and by the time we reached him was still in mid silent scream..you know the one. The scream that is followed by a wake up the neighborhood kind of scream. I picked him up and saw had landed on his right knee a bruise was already forming and I thought it was going to be a doosy. He could move his leg though and, aside from the initial shock didn't seem to be in too much pain. Really, I think just the shock of falling out of bed would make me do the silent scream.

Friday Little Man seemed fine, we sent him school happy as a clam. I don't think we did much Friday night but then Saturday rolled around. We needed to go look for a mattress for Munchkin. Sweet girl has a castle bed that still had the toddle mattress on it. She was in dire need so we drug the kids all over town looking for a mattress. By about the third store Little Man started dragging and getting kind of whiny. He wanted Bobby to carry him or to ride in the cart, and he had started limping...a lot. I should mention here that he fell down at one of the stores when he wasn't watching where he was going. I think things started to get worse from there. I told him that night if it didn't feel better I would take him to the doctor the next day. Sunday rolled around and again he seemed fine so we went to church. But, I noticed he was still limping when we came out so off to the doctor we went. I was hoping we would get home in time for kick off (Big Football Sunday you know) but we ended up at Vandy getting x-rays.

Little Man was a trooper and did so well getting x-rayed. He did not seem to remember getting pictures taken of his chest last year when he had pneumonia but just went with it. The scariest part was having to take off his jeans and put on the little gown with the vandy dog on the front.
X-Rays did not take too long and we settled in to wait for the results. Little Man was enjoying the little chairs in the lobby when surprisingly only a few minutes past and we were called. The results were that he probably had a soft tissue injury, treat it with ibuprofen and he would be good to go soon enough.
Monday I sent my sweet boy to school with a teaspoon and a half of ibuprofen in him and his regular shoes. He was still limping but the radiologist (who looked like Captain Awesome only bigger) had said he was fine. About 9:30 I got a phone call from the pediatrician saying another radiologist had looked at the X-Ray and found a buckle fracture. Luckily I had worked Saturday was getting off work early Monday..my plan was to grade papers until it was time to pick my kids up from school. We all know what happens when you make plans though....

We had a sweet resident whose job was to entertain the kids and help Little Man not be scared. She brought them magnadoodles and raced cars down the hallway. The doctor kind of reminded me of my Father in Law....except that he smelled like coffee. He got Little Man fixed up in a boot and sent us on our way.

My sweet Little Man was not a happy camper at the beginning but has quickly adjusted to his boot. He has to wear it all the time except for bath or bedtime. He used to wear orthotics so this isn't much of a stretch. Now, for a month of this...we'll see how it goes. :)

Friday, February 12, 2010

The Facts of Life

Conversation in our bathroom this morning. Munchkin was standing on the stool looking in the mirror while I brushed her hair. Little Man was sitting on the step to the bathtub holding two blond Polly Pocket girls.

Little Man: They are going to get married!

Munchkin: They can't get married! They are both girls!

Little Man: They CAN get married!

Munchkin: Well, they can't have babies!

Me: Why?

Munchkin: Well, the egg is in the girl and the other thing is in the boy....

Me: Where did you hear that?

Munchkin: In the Flip Flap Body Book...what is that called again in the boy?

Me: Sperm.

Munchkin: Oh yeah..Sperm. That is why 2 girls can't have a baby.

Me: Ok.

Munchkin: I have to get my shoes on.

As she runs out of the room Bobby told me I handled that very well. She adores the Flip Flap Body Book from Usborne and it has all kinds of cool facts. I guess it is kind of neat that it is not a big weird thing that she understands the technical side of how a baby is made...but not the actual nitty gritty. That will be a conversation for another day...far down the road. It is just, in her mind, another function like digestion and how food goes from your mouth and down your esophagus. One of the joys of having an early reader I suppose. :)
*I am not looking for this post to open a whole can of worms. It is just where we are right now in our conversation with our kids who are 5 and 7.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

The fort and an "eh" nights sleep

Do you remember the forts you used to make as a kid? Made out of the tweed couch cushions and the handmade afghan your grandma made....My kids usually just pull the couch cushions off to jump on them.
In the last week Munchkin and Little Man have come up with their own club with club activities and everything. Last night they decided they needed a fort so they got busy and made one in their room. I have to say, it was pretty impressive. Bobby helped tack the edges of the Star Wars comforter down so it wouldn't fall on them and I was even able to crawl in to say prayers with them. Both kids were so excited to sleep in their fort! Of course, they were sleeping on a blanket on the hardwood floor so I figured by morning they would be back in their beds. Little did I know....

About 3 am Munchkin was in our room. She had a bad dream about an alien and could hardly talk. It has been awhile since she had a bad dream so I let her stay cuddled up between us. About 4 am in came Little Man, he was sad because he couldn't find Munchkin. In the bed he crawled but we were all so groggy he didn't get under the covers. Smart me, instead of making the kids go back to their beds I got up a little while later to find a blanket for Little Man. After stumbling around in the dark I found one to take back for him. By the time I got back to my room my two children were so spread out in my bed there was no room for me! I covered Little Man and went back to the kids room, untacked the Star Wars blanket and climbed into bed.

I awoke to "Hey! Why did you mess up our fort?". Um, well......

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

{TWD} Milk Chocolate Mini Bundts

For the most part my Tuesday with Dories recipes turn out pretty well. Sure, I have had a few flops (maybe from not following directions) but for the most part each recipe has been well loved...as attested to by my ever expanding hips...maybe I can blame it on my job and sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day...yeah, let's go with that. :)

This weeks recipe (Milk Chocolate Mini Bundts) was chosen by Kristin of I'm Right About Everything. She is a prolific TWD poster and will have the recipe for these little bundts posted on her site.
Now, when I saw the recipe for these I just knew I had to have a new pan. There was some talk on the forums of using a muffin tin..but really what fun is that when you can get a cute new pan? I should have listened to my gut and gone with the muffin tin. As delicious as these were they were pretty ugly. And I followed the playing around directions instead of the straight up directions (bit's o' brickle instead of nuts) which made them tear into pieces from sticking to the sides of the pan. Of course my kids liked the "Muffies" where the mini bundts had separated from the bottoms...or tops I guess if we are being technical.
Unfortunately my bundts had to stay naked. There was a glaze in the book to spread on the top but mine turned into a big clumpy mess so we left it off. They were just as good without it.
Anyway, thank you to Kristin for choosing this recipe. It was fun to make even though mine tore into pieces. :)

Monday, February 01, 2010


We finally got around to building a snowman yesterday. And of course by we I mean Bobby with a little help from the kids. :) I had to try and drive out of our neighborhood for milk. There is a reason people that Nashville shuts down and buys all the milk and bread before a dusting of snow! At least I didn't get stuck on a hill and have 20 kids standing on the side of the road laughing at me as I frantically struggle to get my car to move....that has never happened to me....
I think our little snowman is pretty impressive! Note the baby snowman in the big snowman's hand. Little Man made it and was so very proud of himself. He was also very sad when it fell and smashed to the ground.