Friday, January 29, 2010

Snowpacalypse and Delicious Hot Chocolate

If you watch the news you might know we were supposed to get snow today in the mid south. We started hearing about it a few days ago and people started battening down the hatches. Of course last time we were supposed to get a bunch of snow we had flurries...ok there was a little more than flurries but not the white blanket of death* that was predicted.

Last night I saw that we were supposed to wake up to freezing rain. That "fact" along with staying up until past midnight made me text my walking buddy and cancel for our 5 AM walk. Guess what we woke up to? Um....27 degrees and clear skies. I could have walked...had I propped my eyelids open with toothpicks. :)

I need to back up for a moment and say that when I got home from work last night I could hear my children whooping and hollering before I even got to our porch. They had just seen that they did not have school today. This always creates an issue for us because I cannot take the kids to work with me and hubby really shouldn't. He decided he would take them, the portable DVD player, construction paper and some toys in with him for a couple of hours and then work the rest of the day from home. Here I will say that I thank God every day for flexibility in my husbands schedule!

On my way to work this morning I saw 3 snowflakes. I was listening to 107.5 The River and they were talking about how the newscasters had to add potential on to any chance of snow. An example was "Watch out for the white blanket of death..potential". I couldn't help but giggle thinking about the snowpacalypse we were experiencing at that very moment with my 3snowflakes.

By 8:30 it had started to really snow.
At 9 I had a faculty member call to see if he could pick up some paperwork and to see if we were open. I told him jokingly that we would be there at least another hour, not anticipating we would actually leave until 5 PM. By 9:45 we had at least 2 inches of snow on the ground where I work. My supervisor came in and said we would probably close at noon. no sooner had he said that, that our campus director came down and said we were closing up and to go on home. Our building is at the top of a pretty steep windy hill so I am glad he made that decision. We did have one student on campus that had gotten a ride so I gave him a ride home. The roads were not that bad yet so it was really not a problem.

Bobby went on a mission to find us an extra sled. We had heard that ACE Hardware had some but they were completely out. He ended up finding a tube at Dicks Sporting Goods...there was a small stack left in the entire store. We are actually supposed to get a 4-9 inches of snow tonight so maybe we can actually use it tomorrow.

We all finally made it home safe and sound and the kids were chomping at the bit to go play outside. I bundled them up like the kid in A Christmas Story and sent them out the back door to play on the deck. I could see them out the window and wanted to be warm. I figured they would want to come back in very soon. And I was right. This completely long drawn out post about the snowpacalypse brings us to the hot chocolate I made for when my two snow children made it back in the house.

If you want the hot chocolate that thawed my children out make it like this:

Karen's Hot Chocolate

3 cups milk
3/4 cup milk chocolate chips
a pinch of cinnamon
Place all ingredients in a saucepan and heat over medium until chips are melted and the milk is hot
Top off with snowman shaped marshmallows
Delicious. :) (as a side note I didn't actually measure any of the ingredients so those are an estimate of what I used. Enjoy!

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