Saturday, January 30, 2010

Saturday Snow Day

So, you might remember from yesterday that we had a snow day. There wasn't a ton of snow but enough to make things interesting. We woke up this morning to about 5 inches of snow. I went out to take a couple of picture and found the snow was perfect for sledding. It was about 22 degrees with minimal wind so we made a plan.

Bobby really wanted Swedish pancakes for breakfast so I whipped those up. Once we were done scarfing down our breakfast we bundled our kiddos up and headed for a local middle school that has a good sledding hill. We tried to decide if we should drive or walk. After a few minutes of debate we hooked the kids together on the innertubes and dragged them to the school. Is is not too far but we didn't want them tired an whiny by the time we got there.Munchkin was a daredevil and immediately started sledding by herself. Little Man took more convincing. Bobby finally put him on a sled and pushed him down the hill. He screamed and cried all the way down. It took him another 15 minutes or so but then he was ready to race down the hill by himself. We had 2 innertubes with us and one purple disc. He was most comfortable on the disc and used it well. Munchkin had the distinct pleasure of sliding further than anyone else. Bobby did slide into and across the street heading for the lake but stopped himself before I had to go drag him out.We were done when Little Man's switch flipped and he was just done. His feet were wet and cold and we needed to head for home. The tubes were hooked back up and away we went. Our neighbor was out when we got home and wanted to kids to play. We told him they could later but we really needed to get in and warm up. Commence lunch plans....

Lunch consisted of Tai Pai potstickers, rice and homemade hot chocolate. It was delicious!

Now the kids are back outside with Bobby attempting a snowman (the snow is pretty dry so they are having a hard time) and sliding down out street with our neighbor. The temperature has dropped though so I think they will be back in soon.

I am so glad we actually got snow this time and were able to play in it. Here are a few of our snow days over the last couple of years:

Last year we had a snow day and made a was about 6 inches tall. (Jan 28 2009)
2 years ago we made a bigger snow man but by the time we went sledding there wasn't much snow. (Feb 2008)
This was not actually a snow day but we made it one anyway. (Feb 2008)

I looked back at 2007, 2006 and 2005 but I don't seem to have any pictures from those snow days. That was predigital so that could be why. :)

It has been a good day and am so thankful for time to spend with my sweet family!


  1. I'm glad you all got to have a good time.
    Love ya,