Monday, January 04, 2010

January Gym Rats

So, the New Years Resolutions are in. People have resolved to lose weight and are hitting the gym hard to do it. You may think I am one of those people that has resolved to go the gym faithfully until I can fit into skinny jeans but I am so not.

This post is more an admonition to the faithful gym rats. Every year I hear the faithful whine and complain about how January is so busy at the gym. That the people who have made resolutions are taking up precious space and, Lord forbid, they have to wait for a machine. I hear some of these from the naturally athletic, have always been healthy people. More often I hear these complaints from former fat people who are now reformed into healthy gym rats.

Do you remember what it was like to be fat? Do you remember how the first time you stepped in a gym you were surrounded by healthy fit people and how intimidated you were to ask for help with anything? Do you remember feeling like an idiot who didn't know the moves in your first class? What better time to go to the gym than in January when there are a bunch of people that are starting new for the first time.

Instead of whining and complaining about how busy it is take a second and think back on your journey to getting fit. Did it start with a January gym membership? Think about what you can do to help others. Obviously they have to be motivated themselves but when you are standing next to your favorite machine with a disgusted, put out look on your face you are doing them a disservice. They are paying their membership fees just like you are.

Please just give others a break and a little encouragement that are trying to make better habits. They will be paying for their membership for the rest of the year while you enjoy a quieter gym in a few months.


  1. Love this post Karen!

  2. you are so right with this post Karen. I've heard it before too and although I am NOT a gym rat and probably never will be I find it sad in January when the rats are complaining. well said friend well said