Thursday, January 07, 2010

It is Snowing it Tennessee!!!!

I mean, sure, they are smaller flurries than what I took photos of the other day but it is still snowing. Sure, it melts as it hits the ground but we still got some, right?
So what if my kids slept with their jammies inside out and backwards and slept with spoons under their pillows. It couldn't dampen their enthusiasm that they got another day off school. Maybe I should have let them flush ice down the toilet to make the ground colder. I mean that is way more scientific than our weather people who get snow wrong in the forecast more than they get it right. Thanks newscasters for getting everyones hopes up for a fun day sledding and then dashing their hopes by saying things like "it is turning out to be more of a nuisance than a crippling event" - channel 4 news weather guy on the 7:00am news.

Oh well, off I go to answer the phone 500 times today to see if we are having classes tonight. The answer is yes, by the way.

Here is today's snow can see the snow right? In the parking spaces? Look closer, I promise it is there!


  1. Are you serious that school was cancelled for that?
    We just had school cancelled Thursday and Friday, but we have well over a foot of snow on the ground, very COLD blowing wind and temperatures below 0.
    I love your snow photo! ;)

  2. Seriously? I had to shovel three times on Friday, and my kids still went to school! You people are wusses.