Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A conversation with a 5 year old

The other night it was almost time for dinner. We told our son to put away the Wii remote and get his homework done. He came and sat on my lap and said "I just want to stay home with you!"
We talked a little bit about homeschool and how I can't do that right now. Of course I would be his teacher and he would have to learn everything he was learning at school with me. And then I asked him if he was homeschooled if he thought he would get to play the Wii more often. To which his resounding answer was "YES!".
I gently reminded him that that would not be the case because he would still be doing school work.
Fast forward to last night while I am making dinner.
Little man came in the kitchen and said "Wemember our conversation about me staying home wif you? We were on da couch and you said I could stay home wif you." I had to once again remind him that as much as I would love to be home with him that I have to work right now and yes I remembered our conversation on the couch. I asked him again if he thought he would get to play the Wii more often and of course his response was yes again. So he remembered that parts of the conversation he wanted to remember.

Silly boy! With his ACC half the time we don't know what he remembers and what he doesn't but that is something he obviously wants to stick.

I love that our conversations with him are getting more and more involved and detailed. He is so sweet and loving. You can't help but squeeze him!

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  1. Well, at least you know that if you do eventually homeschool him, the Wii will be a great incentive for him to get his work done! It is for Nathalie!