Tuesday, February 24, 2009

{TWD} Caramel Crunch Bars

Let me just state for the record that I heart chocolate. I truly believe it is its very own food group. What on earth could make chocolate better...besides being paired with raspberry? Being paired with caramel, of course. As soon as I read the title of this recipe I knew there would be love.
The dough/crust called for finely chopped chocolate. I had large chocolate chips but thought I could chop them. Normally my Pampered Chef Chopper would have come in handy for this part but I wanted to chop with a knife. As you can see the chopper probably would have done a better job.

The dough base for the Caramel Crunch bars was A-May-za-zing!!! The kids both gobbled it up and I had to get it in the oven quickly or there wouldn't have been actual caramel crunch bars. Yes, it was That Good.
Heath toffee bits covered the top of this delicious creation. Oh yeah, I also used bittersweet and milk chocolate chips for the chocolate layer. I just didn't think the amount of bittersweet chocolate I had left was going to be enough for these.

My Grandma Ruth and my mom passed down a recipe to me for Cracker Candy. It is kind of a toffee made with butter and brown sugar poured over saltine crackers and baked. You top it with chocolate chips and then you can add extras to the top if you want to. This was similar in taste and texture to that I thought, only a little bit thicker. My Grandmas birthday would have been this month if she was still with us so it was fun to think of her when making this.

Everyone in my family loved this recipe so it will be marked as a winner in my book. My neighbors also seemed to like it..unless they were pretending to make me feel like a good little baker. :)

Thank you to Whitney of What’s left on the table? for choosing Caramel Crunch Bars. You can visit her blog for the recipe. You can also check out the blogroll on the Tuesdays with Dorie site to see how over 300 other bakers did with this recipe.
Next week: Chocolate Armagnac Cake - or The Cake That Got Dorie Fired on pages 279-281 of Baking from My Home to Yours.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Photo Tag

-Go to your 6th photo folder

-Pick the 6th photo and post.

I have already moved many of my photos to an external hard drive so I used my folder from 2006. This is Little Man at the Nashville Zoo. It is hard to remember him being this little! This was August 15 of 2006. He turned 2 in June and had just started walking a month before his birthday. This was probably our first trip to the zoo where he could get out of the stroller.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

{TWD} Devils Food White Out Cake

Stephanie of Confessions of a City Eater chose this weeks recipe. Thanks Stephanie for choosing the cover cake of our illustrious baking club! You can visit her site for the recipe or checkout Tuesdays With Dorie to see how over 300 other bakers did this week.
I have been itching to make this and I am so happy that it was finally chosen.
I realize this is titled Devils Food White Out Cake but as it was Valentines weekend I thought a little red food coloring was in order.

Procrastination is not really my friend and I tend to wait until the last second to read the directions. I found out I needed a candy thermometer and being the newbie I am did not have one on hand. Target is a friend to the procrastinator.

I wanted to make this special for Valentines Day, but ended up making it on Valentines Day. The recipe calls for mini chocolate chips or chopped chocolate. I didn't have either but I did have baking M&Ms. They sunk. Fortunately I had to cut the 2 round cakes in half for the layers. I simply put the two bottom layers as the bottom and top layer. The M&Ms were a delicious addition to this cake.

Making the frosting was a little bit of a challenge for me. I have never made meringue or whipped eggs...except in my failed berry surprise cake. The syrup had to be a specific temperature and had to be poured into the whipped eggs in a way that wouldn't scramble them. I think my syrup got a little too hot as the little drips turned into hard candy practically as soon as they hit the counter. It did mix well though so all was well in the end.

To get the cute heart on top I pulled out my trusty heart shaped cookie cutter. I was pretty thrilled with how this cake turned out. The real test was to come though with hubby and kiddos.

They all loved it! A+ all the way around. Bobby really liked the M&Ms in it so I am glad that I added them.

This is one cake I will definitely be making again. I love the versatility of it too.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

{TWD} Floating Islands

Sorry ladies! I was on a floating island this week, also known as a cruise ship. I missed out on making this though. It looks like there was a lot of success!
Check out Whisk: A food blog by Shari for the recipe. I am hoping to make this sometime this week.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Things that shouldn't happen in the morning

-Darling daughter sits on the floor and will not get dressed. She doesn't have a fit or anything just sits and continues to be quietly defiant.

-Realize 2 minutes before walking out the door you have to find daughters cookie dough order form to turn in today.

- Cannot find charger for Mp3 player and take it out on sweet husband who just burned you a CD.

- While getting sons shoes on you ask "What is that darn dog doing now" Sweet husband replies "eating the empty napkin off the counter". Just a moment before the empty napkin had blueberry muffin tops that were planning on being consumed by me on the way out the door.

- Harebrained mommy walks out and leave essential caffeine in the form of a Diet Coke sitting on the counter.

- After getting gas and dropping kiddos off sweet hubby drops harebrained wife off at the airport to pick up a rental car. No issues there except that it is 18 degrees.

- Check in process goes smoothly. Apparently harebrained mommy isn't the only one harebrained this morning. Mommy was given keys to a Chevy and the car in the assigned spot was a Nissan. After walking across the parking lot to find the wrong car in 18 degree weather Mommy was not happy. Of course, mommy was friendly with the lady at the counter who immediately gave her keys to a Toyota much closer the building.

- All of that happened before 8:30 this morning. Mommy is praying the rest of the day is less eventful and more on time. :)

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

{TWD} World Peace Cookies

Wars, floods, earthquakes, tornado's. All of these can be diverted with these cookies. I really need to start looking at the directions for these recipes ahead of time. More than once I have been surprised by the chill time. Not that I am complaining, I most certainly am not. I just need to remember ahead of time to plan my time accordingly. World Peace can only happen when planned.
Hubby had a gig on Saturday so I was hoping to have these ready by the time he got home. No such luck. He got home as I was mixing the dough. My little beater licker was back in action and happy to be. I informed her there were no eggs in the batter so it was completely safe to eat. I took my own advice and tried some of the batter, and some more of the batter, and just a little more. It was a good thing the saran wrap was close at hand because I could have eaten a lot more of the dough before getting it to the fridge.

The defining ingredient in these cookies in Fleur De Something salt. I didn't have any and couldn't find any so I used sea salt instead. I also used milk and semi sweet chocolate chips instead of bittersweet since that is what I had leftover from previous baking adventures. My family loved these cookies. My hubby said "oh! These are really crumbly" Which I thought was really funny since Dorie says in her description that she loves how crumbly they are. We shared a few with neighbors and took the rest to a SuperBowl party. I came home with an empty plate. That was great news since I did not need to finish them off myself.

Thanks to Jessica from Cookbookhabit for choosing this weeks recipe. I had heard about these before and was so happy to finally get to make them. Jessica has the recipe on her site or you can pick up Dories book at Amazon or your local bookstore. Next weeks recipe "Floating Islands".