Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Pioneer Woman at Davis Kidd Nashville

If you haven't heard of the Pioneer Woman at this point you can click here to check out her awesome website. I was turned on to her site by my friend Vanessa (of Crayons in my Coffee) who mentioned how much she liked the recipes on there. Ree Drummond lives on a ranch with her husband, Marlboro Man, their kiddos and a bunch of cows. She has the story of her romance with her husband on there along with photography tips, homeschooling information and plenty of giveaways. When Nashville popped up on her "Griswold book tour" (that was October 7th) I emailed my hubby and said I was going. This was his response "wow. Nothing like planning ahead... :) Hope you have a great day! Love you!"

Speaking of planning ahead, I saw mentioned on someone elses blog that they had tickets at their event. I checked out the Davis Kidd website and low and behold they had line tickets. About 3 weeks ago I ran down to Green Hills on my lunch break to pick some up. I was hoping to have some friends come with me but to no avail. The tickets were free and they let me have 4 of them. They were for group 4, each group had 25 people in it. Last night when Munchkin and I arrived they were giving out group 16. By the time we were done we were seeing people with group 22. Whew! Yay for planning ahead!

Munchkin and I battled our way through the torrential downpour to get to Green Hills. We arrived in one piece early enough that we were able to get some dinner. We first made a pit stop at the Davis Kidd potty. Someone in the restroom had a group 16 ticket so I gave her one of my extra group 4 tickets. Someone else came out of a stall and said "Is someone giving out tickets?" so I gave her a second one. She smiled gratefully and told us she would make sure she was behind us. I thought that was sweet but I had extras so why not give them out? Munchkin and I headed out and went to Panera. The place was packed but we managed to find a little table next to a couple from out of town. She was in my same group and was very excited. We still had time after sharing a sandwich and a cup of soup so we went to Godiva because really, who can pass up Godiva? I do have a membership card though so we got one piece for free.Once we got back to Davis Kidd it was starting to get a little bit busy. I took Munchkin in the kids area (which is awesome by the way) and let her play for a little while. She made friends quickly and wasn't too bossy. She did however say that one of the little toys needed to work out because he couldn't fit through the castle door. hmmm....
It was finally time to line up. I had two tickets left and only needed 1...who to give it to? There was a girl with a baby in the play area that had a group 16 ticket so as we made our way out I tapped her arm and asked if she would like one for group 4. She sounded like she didn't think her sweet girl was going to make it to group 16. She gladly accepted and we made our way over to where they were lining everyone up. There was a tape line snaking throughout the store and they lined up groups 1 and 2. In anticipation we listened for our group. 3 was called and finally 4. The lady and her husband from Panera were close to the front of the 4's and we were not too far behind them.
I found out the girl with the stroller was Jessie from vanderbiltwife. She is a pretty well known blogger so it was fun to meet her.

While we waited Munchkin, who loves to read, picked up 365 days of being Green. I had to make sure it was an appropriate book as we were next to not so appropriate books for a few minutes. As we started our journey through the line poor Munchkin was less than thrilled. She actually sprawled herself on the floor in kind of a pouty funk. There happened to be a little step stool near us so the girl in front of us (who I want to say her blog is Ode to Creativity) encouraged Munchkin to get it and bring it along the line with us. That was kind of a lifesaver.
Everyone was super excited when Ree made her appearance. There was a buzz all over the bookstore with quiet chatter. I think it was quieter than one might have expected considering how many people were there. This is just one small section. The line reached back up the stairs on the other side of the room.
Munchkin continued to find ways to entertain herself and Jessie's little girl. They played peek-a-boo and , according to Munchkin, made up a secret footshake.
At one point she was hanging upside down on the stool. But that was near the front of the line when there was not much further to go. One of the girls and I were trying to decide if we should use flash or not for out photos and lamented over the fact that our little point and shoots tend to have blurry photos if anyone but us uses them. Here is my test photo without flash (that is the Panera lady).

Here is my photo with flash. I almost decided on no flash but then thought it would be better once there was not another target in front to take the flash. Of course my picture of me and munchkin was blurry. Then I told Jessie I would take a picture of her and Ree and I forgot..until she called my name and then I was all shaky and hers was all blurry too! Ugh, I suck! (Sorry Jessie!)
This would be why I forgot. Munchkin was taking a picture of me with Betsy, Ree's sister, and Hyacinth, her best friend. I ran over to take it though.
And this is how it turned out. It is quite pixilated because I tried using a sharpening mask on it. I think I need to re-edit it.
We got through the line really quickly. I felt like such a dork when I got up there. I don't tend to get into signing lines, mostly because what am I going to do with an autograph? However, since this was a cookbook and something I will actually keep I wanted to do it. Plus I love her blog, it makes me want to blog more. I also LOVE the sour cream pancakes as the first recipe I have tried from the book. I wanted to tell her that but forgot as I was telling her how Munchkin had dragged her little stool all over the store. Last but certainly not least Betsy and Hyacinth handed out these sweet T-shirts. My little model was almost not a willing model.
This has been one long blog post all to say I am glad Munchkin and I braved the rain and the crowds. Ree is a genuine lady who had so many autographs to sign. She was very sweet and I am glad I got to meet her. :) Now go check out her blog!


  1. thats so awesome you got to see her!

  2. What a fun experience! She came "here" (Kansas City), but that's a good hour from here, so I couldn't make it.

  3. saundra3:58 AM

    Very cool Karen. I'm so glad you got to go. She has such a fun blog. Thanks again for the HL card....we bought Perler Melty Beads. My kids love them, you should try them if you haven't already! :)