Friday, December 04, 2009

Friday Fun Day

Well, NaBloPoMo ended and I fell off the blogging wagon. I have tons of stuff I want to blog about but haven't had time to edit pictures, form coherent thoughts or write a complete sentence. Of course that could be the lack of caffeine..wait I have had caffeine every day....Anywho....

Last night Munchkin couldn't sleep. She was probably awake until 10:30pm because she was scared of the dark. And then I remembered that she drank Barqs rootbeer at dinner and yes, most root beer is caffeine free but not Barqs. It has bite. So, since she is so tiny and drank 2 glasses of rootbeer we paid for it with insomnia. No more caffeine for my child.

Things I want to blog about:
Little Man losing his second tooth
Decorating our Christmas tree
Our dog with a santa hat and how much she loved it
The Nashville International Auto Show
Autotune and why it is the devil
Favorite Christmas tunes

I know there are more but can't think of them at the moment.

I am thinking about having an APU Alumni open house at my house in January. If you read my blog and are in Tennessee and went to APU would you come to something like that? If you are not far from Tennessee would you like to come?

OK, back to work. Have a lovely day!


  1. Ugh! Thanks for the reminder to keep my kids away from soda/caffeine for a bit longer! :o) Sorry it was a rough night for you. All of your possible blog posts sound interesting to me. I've been listening to lots of Christmas music lately. Love pretty much everything. Have a great weekend.

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