Thursday, December 31, 2009

Blog Carnival

With all the top ten blog posts of 2009 I have been seeing, I have been thinking about doing something similar. I saw Jesse at Vanderbilt Wife did this and followed the link to Musings of a Housewife. Jo-Lynne is hosting so if you would like to join the carnival go check out her site. :)

Without further ado, the first line of the first post for each month in 2009.

Amy posted a link to this blog the other day.

This is about reading the Bible in one year...sigh, maybe this year I will make it all the way through.

Wars, floods, earthquakes, tornado's.
Believe it or not this post is about cookie...but not any cookies.. Dorie Greenspans World Peace Cookies. :)

Also know as the Cake that Got Me Fired (Dorie, not me).
All about cake with prunes, gran marnier, and setting stuff on fire. Next post in the same day is about Dr. Suess' birthday.

When I was a kid we would take every spring break and go to Disneyland.

We took the kids to the US Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, AL and had a blast (haha, I kill me). The kids loved it and it was an easy day trek from Nashville.

If people try to tell you that boy are not different than girls, they have obviously never been around children. Here is a real life example for you from our day.
We went to a birthday party where the differences in boys and girls were played out to the fullest.

Just a couple of photos from the Dance rehearsal.
Oh the joys of dance. :)
I just happen to like this June post better:
Spiderman crashes our sons birthday party

I feel like I have fallen off the face of the bloggy earth. :)
Yep, you guessed it all about what a slacker I was in the blog world this summer.

It's Tuesday, and you know what that means!
This treat was a banana bundt cake chosen by Mary, The Food Librarian. She just had a series on "I like big bundts". Check her out.

Last night was filled with excitement for our little fambily.
All about bad words, magic blue smoke and Wipeout.

Yesterday I got a text from my hubby that said "Something I was NOT expecting in the mail today was a box from Hobby Lobby. With a pair of socks inside."
A funny price for football picks.

Is this thing on?
All of my excuses for not blogging that led into NABLOPOMO.

Thank you to all of you who entered the drawing. The winner in announced in the following video.
For my 900th post I held a drawing for $10 Hobby Lobby gift card. Because I have so many followers I had 5 people enter and my friend Saundra won.

And that was 2009. Happy New Year!! may 2010 be filled with joy!

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