Saturday, November 07, 2009

NaBloPoMo Day 7 A beautiful day in Tennessee

8 years, 6 months and 7 days ago my husband and I packed up everything we owned (that fit in a 750 sq foot house) and stuffed it in a 27 foot truck with another family and moved to Tennessee from California. The band had a record deal and we were all moving out together. We made quite a caravan with 2 27 foot trucks, 2 car trailers and 3 other cars being driven.

We took our time getting here, spending the night in Arizona, twice in Texas and once in Arkansas. 2 pets made the journey with us our cat and the bass players chameleon whose life I later saved by force feeding it meal worms. The night we camped in Texas there were tornado warnings but I don't recall being terrible alarmed. Bean (our cat) spent the night in the car in her crate. I don't know if the storm freaked her out but she managed to dump her mini litter pan in her water and had clumping cat litter stuck to everything from her tail to the windshield of the car.

In Jackson Tennessee we left a trailer at a shop with a flat tire and drove one of the extra vehicles. We got to where we were going while it was still light and had to use wire cutters to get the lock off the first truck. The keys were in Arizona. We unloaded the first truck and I got lost trying to go get drinks for everyone. The second truck we unloaded in the dark because the drummer didn't have electricity...or so we thought until we realized the AC was on and all of the lightbulbs were burned out.

One of the things about unloading a truck in the heat is you realize how hot and humid Tennessee is. As fall came around I was missing California tremendously, especially the weather. I said out loud to a neighbor on a glorious beautiful day that "It was a California day!!" She quickly corrected me by saying "No, it is just a beautiful day in Tennessee!"

This conversation happened several years in a row. My sweet neighbor moved back to California to be with her family and today I caught myself saying "It is a beautiful day in Tennessee!" This one is for you Bernie! :)

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  1. Oh, Karen!! I loved this post already, way before I got to the end...remembering your move here, all that's transpired since then. And then, there we are, with our "beautiful day" thing! My friend Eve Sarrett said that to me in '83 or so (she's a native). I love that you have that memory and that you brought it to my mind...I miss you so much, all of you!! Thank you!