Thursday, November 05, 2009

NaBloPoMo Day 5 A lost tooth and random thoughts

First and foremost my day started off with pulling my sons tooth. It has been hanging on by a thread for days and the big tooth is halfway in behind it. He has been showing off his "shark" tooth to everyone who will look..along with the bruise on his forehead that he garnered when he sneezed so hard that he whacked his forehead on the doorjamb. Nice... I had a washcloth in hand this morning so I could get ahold of the tiny tooth, pulled it and waited for the firestorm fit I was sure was to follow. It never came! I don't think my Little Man even realized I had pulled the tooth out. I showed him and told him how excited I was for him, he showed his daddy who told him how proud he was that he didn't cry and we gave high fives! He took it downstairs to show big sister who helped him get a baggie to put it in so that won't get lost before the tooth fairy comes tonight. I thought he was pretty excited but I found out later today that he didn't even tell his teacher! Oh well.

On another tooth front, I had my 6 month checkup today and am cavity free! Woo hoo! For a girl with a mouth full of metal that is always a relief. No crowns or root canals for me this time. Yes I do brush my teeth, I also floss on a consistent basis, it is hereditary and I have soft enamel.

I was stuck in traffic this morning on my way to work.

Have you ever gotten in trouble for a status update on Facebook? I try very hard not to post status updates that are going to get me in trouble. Controversial, yes. Get me fired? No. Apparently a very innocuous status update that had a couple of comments on it got sent to someone who brought it to someone elses attention. The update has been deleted but for the record my update could have been concerning anything other than work. I am irritated about the situation but will not be posting anything else that can be construed as negative for my job.

While in the dentist chair this morning I was watching something with very little sound. I caught that the previous mayor of New York was on a new ship that was built from steel from the World Trade Center. I am split on my feeling on this. I think it is a neat tribute to change it from victim status to destroyer. But, the WTC went down once what is to stop someone from doing that again in the ocean?

I had a dream the other night that I was hanging out with Dwight Shrute. For some reason he came to my kids school and we were going to see Little Mans class. He made some comment about how he never had any kind of learning disability and was very flippant about kids with disabilities. I had to put him in his place that there is not shame in having a learning disability, or a brain anomaly, or a physical issue. He was very sorry and apologized profusely. We got the kids report cards the other day and Little Man is having kind of a hard time staying on task. Because of his ACC he is having a much more difficult time in school than Munchkin did. I wonder if this dream was me trying to tell myself that it will be OK for him to do Kindergarten a second time if that is needed. I really want to do whats best for him. He likes school, he likes his teacher, he likes recess but he is struggling to keep up with the other kids. I think the structure is fantastic for him and that he is learning. He has a fantastic speech teacher that is doing wonders with him. Ugh, decisions decisions....

One last random thought for the day...when you pull up to a stop and see someone you kind of know, what do you do after you acknowledge them? So you just sit there and feel awkward, do you keep sneaking peeks to see if they are looking back at you? Do you completely ignore them? I just took a very unscientific poll and apparently I am not the only one that feel awkward at stop lights so if I try to ignore you after acknowledging you just know I feel awkward and don't know what to do. :)


  1. I was so glad I didn't have to pull any of my daughter's teeth (yet). Her's got loose and then just fell out within a day or two.

  2. Hmmm...we just got through the getting teeth stage with our 2.75 year old. I am not anxiously awaiting the loosing teeth stage.

    As a general rule: at stop lights I wave, then ignore. Maybe wave again as we go our separate ways.

    Good luck with the NaBlo thing.