Monday, November 16, 2009

NABloPoMo Day 16 Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas

Over the last 8 years I have cooked 1 big Thanksgiving dinner. That, I think, was the first year we lived in Tennessee. We invited a bunch of friends from church to share a meal with us before we headed off to Texas for what would become an annual family tradition. This year none of are able to get together so we are on our own and I find myself thinking about what to make for Thanksgiving.
When I think back to the things my mom made I think of Johnny Appleseed pie and Cornmeal Crescent rolls. I have made those in the past few years so I know they are going on my list.
My preliminary menu includes:
Rosemary Roasted Turkey
Garlic Mashed potatoes (with some that don't have milk and butter for our dairy free friend)
Green Bean Casserole (which Munchkin will not eat, it is her least favorite food)
Ambrosia salad
Cornmeal Crescent Rolls
Sweet potatoes
Veggie tray (for snacking)
Deviled eggs
Cranberry sauce
Johnny Appleseed Pie
Chocolate Satan Pie
Pumpkin Pie

What am I missing? And, what are your favorite recipes for Thanksgiving?


  1. DUMPLIN'S!!! :) (hey it IS the south) mac and cheese? dressing/stuffing? corn/corn casserole? oh and what kind of gravy...brown, white, giblet? Yeah can you tell I've lived in the South my WHOLE life??

  2. Is that Chocolate Satin Pie or is it really Chocolate Satan Pie? All of sounds good and I wish we could be there with you.
    Love Mom

  3. It is Satin but it is Satan.

  4. I love this yummy sweet potato souffle recipe that is fantastic. Not very healthy but super delicious with a wonderful crunch top. Let me know if you're interested and I can email you the recipe.

  5. saundra4:32 AM

    Green bean casserole was one of the only good things I remember about dorm food. That and the pretzel salad.