Sunday, November 15, 2009

NaBloPoMo Day 15 A Crazy Dream

Hubs and I went to bed early last night..10:30. I don't know why I couldn't get up this morning but it could have something to do with the very involved dream I was having.

For some reason Salient was playing a show at the Scraphouse because it was the last weekend the scrapbooking retreat house was going to be open. We had a youth group there and Mike from Big Daddy Weave was there playing worship. Ryan from This is Reverb was also there taking pictures...he may have been the speaker as well. There were also a couple of people from work there.
We discovered that the house next door was going to be the new scraphouse and that it had scripture painted on the walls. We all looked in the windows and Mike played a song that made me cry while we were reading the scripture. Rosy, Mike Lee and Jason Allen were also there which makes me think there was supposed to be a Dr. Smooth reunion concert later in the day.

A little while later someone said "Ok, let's go!" except that nothing was cleaned up. Any time we left the scraphouse we always ran the dishwasher, swept up our scraps and made sure we didn't leave any of our stuff. In the dream people that hadn't been there before I guess assumed we would leave at three in the afternoon and could leave it a big fat mess. I said we needed an itinerary and people needed to understand they needed to clean up their own messes.

One girl from work said she wasn't happy because she didn't like the other girl from work that was there. That rose tensions for everyone. Then we were back out at the concert and I was sitting in a wagon talking to some woman that was tanned to a crisp. She had some seriously sprayed crazy 80's hair....giant bangs and probably had stock in aquanet. She was laughing because my legs were orange. For some reason I dyed them for Halloween and it hadn't come off yet.

All of a sudden Kevin from The Office walked up and handed me a cupcake shaped like a purple pig and told me to take it to some bakery. I asked him if I could eat it and he said no. I ate it anyway.

Then I was woken up by a small voice asked daddy what time it was. I was exhausted.


  1. What did you eat before you went to bed last night!!!!

  2. We went to macaroni grill where they brought me the wrong food. After bringing the right food they also brought chocolate cake. Yum! :)