Saturday, November 14, 2009

NaBloPoMo Day 14 Random Thoughts

I am glad to be blogging more frequently (every day this month) but am finding fewer things to write about except my day.

My subtitle has religion, music, children and other random stuff. So, I suppose I could write about a few of those things.

I have been slacking on my Tuesdays with Dorie. I really want to bake but haven't had the time or the energy.

Munchkin has an extremely loose tooth. She won't let me pull it because it is "fun to wiggle".

Little Man had a birthday party to go to at Glow Golf today. He buried his face in my leg and would not go sit with the other kids. He would not get his face painted and wouldn't even acknowledge people speaking to him. The birthday boy came over and put his hand on his back and told him everything was ok and asked if he would like to see the cake. It made me think this happens at school more than I think it does. At times, I am at a complete loss about what I should do. At conferences his teacher said socially things were difficult for awhile but that he was fine now. I just want him to be happy..

I would like to be a photographer but need a new camera....and some classes. I have been eyeing the new Digital Canon 50D with 15.1 mega pixels. I know most of my pictures I post are not great quality but I have been told I have a good eye. Is the industry too saturated for a hack like me?

My cat has decided that she must sleep on me, all night long. It doesn't matter if I sleep on my back or front she is sleeping on me. If I roll over she just acts like it is a log rolling competition and moves as needed. She is losing a bunch of hair. Every fall she looks a little scraggly. I am not sure if it is because of the weather change or what but, I think she is allergic to something.

Hubs is going to the Titans game tomorrow. A friend just called with an extra ticket. That should be fun! :)

The Lifechurch message tonight and tomorrow is on speaking in tongues. Growing up in Baptist churches this was a spiritual gift that was ignored or swept under the rug. I don't remember learning about tongues until I was in college. Then I thought it was weird. I know as Christians we are gifted with Spiritual Gifts. My strong ones tend to be mercy, teaching, and discernment. I am interested to see what the message tomorrow will be like.

Just in case you didn't know, black lights will show every bit of sugar you dumped on your red shirt from the Aunt Anne's pretzel you ate before the movie you saw today. No matter how many napkins you used to get it off.

The piranha feeding at Stingray reef is far less impressive than you might think it would be.

Until tomorrow...

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  1. saundra4:33 AM

    laughing at your blacklight comment. I had no idea.