Thursday, November 12, 2009

NABloPoMo Day 12 I Left My Wallet in El Segundo

Tonight hubs and I were watching Flash Forward while the kids were still up. It starts at 7PM here and we were eating dinner. Healthy, right? :) Anyway, on the show they got some tip about El Segundo and my hubby knew immediately that I would start singing "I left my wallet in El Segundo, I gotta go back and get it!" The best part was when Munchkin joined in to sing with me. Only her version was more along the lines of "I lef my wallet in elfamundo! I gotta go back and get it!" :) We had a pretty good laugh over that. We had to explain to her that "I left my wallet" song came out a long time ago and every time I hear El Segundo it just pops into my head.

Even better is that my sweet sheltered hubby had never heard it before we started dating. Both of our parents hated "that rap crap" but I loved it. I was like that girl in High School Musical that likes to pop and lock and jam....or not. :) I did like hip hop though, it was fun to dance to. I could do a serious Roger Rabbit and still bust it out now and then. I just looked up the info on the song and it came out in 1990. In those days hubs was listening to Stryper, Guns and Roses, Motley Crue, etc....

Anyway, all that to say I introduced him to A Tribe Called Quest and I Left my Wallet in El Segundo. Enjoy it as much as he did from the other room when I looked up this video on YouTube. :)

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  1. I still don't like that rap crap!